What happened to the survivors after the sinking of the Titanic?

Almost all know the sad fate in the huge ocean liner “Titanic”. Its sinking is full of myths and assumptions: some believe that the speed of the boat was too high in a dangerous area, others blame the weather conditions, while the other assures it was an accident. But only the passengers who survived could know and tell the truth about what happened then.

Great.guru introduces you to stories of people that managed to survive that fateful day.

On April 10, 1912, the ocean liner “Titanic” went on its first and last voyage. More than 2 thousand “lucky” came on board of the cruise, and around a thousand people were to say goodbye to their family. On the night of 14 to 15 April, that huge ship collided with an iceberg and sank. Approximately 700 people survived.

Orphans of the Titanic

Michel (3 years) and Edmond Navratil (2 years old) sailed with his father under the fictitious names of Louis and Loto. The father, Mr Michel Navratil, was presented as a widower and he said to them all that his wife had died. In fact, he divorced her and took the children without your consent. When the ship sank, Mr. Michel took the little ones and put them into the last lifeboat. The last words he said were: “My babies, when mom comes for you, and she, of course, will come, tell him that I loved her very much and I still love her. Tell him that I hoped that she would follow in our footsteps, so that we could live happily together, in peace and freedom in the new world.”

As his father had died and the children were still small and did not speak English, his relatives could not find them for a long time. Later, the mother of the children saw their photos in the newspaper and was able to meet with their children newborn a month later, on the 16th of may.

The future of the brothers was different. Michelle is married with his partner of course, he became a professor of psychology, and lived the rest of his life in Montpellier. He died at the age of 92.

Edmond also married, and worked as an architect and builder. He joined the French army during the Second World War, but later had to leave him by his weakened state of health and died at 43.

Unsinkable Molly

Margaret Brown was known by all long before the sinking of the “Titanic”. She was one of the first women in the united States to run for political office eight years before the ladies got the right to vote.

During a stay in Europe, he received a message that said that his grandson was sick and decided to return immediately to New York. Due to his unexpected decision, few people, including his family, knew that Margaret was on board the “Titanic”.

After the ship collided with an iceberg, Margaret, climbed in the pot 6, where he led the people, while Robert Hitchens (responsible for that boat) could not do because of his emotional instability. For when the “Carpathia” came to New York, she was elected president of the Committee of Survivors of the Titanic, and managed to raise almost 10 billion USD to the needy. Do not left the ship that rescued him to ensure that all survivors receive medical care and be reunited with their families.

Margaret Brown was rewarded for helping the passengers of the “Titanic”, and he later received the Legion of Honour for his work on the committee for the liberation of France during the First World War. She died of a brain tumor in New York at 65 years of age.

It is also known that it was not called Molly. That name was invented in Hollywood.

A girl who survived three shipwrecks

Violett Constance Jessop was a stewardess on the transatlantic company White Star Line. She was on board the “Olympic”, which collided with the cruiser “Hawke” in 1911, and then worked on the “Titanic”, whose accident occurred in 1912. During the Second World War was a nurse aboard the hospital ship “Britannic” which sank after an explosion caused by a mine.

Despite the wrecks, Violet continued to work on boats, and in 1950 moved to Great Ashfield in Suffolk, where she filled her home with mementos of his 42 years at sea. He died at the age of 83 by a heart failure.

An actress acted in a movie with the same clothes that he wore when he was saved from the “Titanic”

Actress Dorothy Gibson and her mother were in Paris when they decided to purchase tickets to the “Titanic” in first class. On that fateful day, April 14, she played bridge with two bankers, and around 23:40 we went to his cabin, where he heard a loud crash. Dorothy and her mother boarded the boat 7, which was half empty, and asked the bankers to go with them. There was a hole in the boat, and it seemed that they were going to sink along with the “Titanic”, but, fortunately, they were able to cover with clothing.

On his arrival in New York as their representative convinced her to act in a movie about the shipwreck. The own Dorothy wrote the script and the tape used the same clothes that he wore when he was saved. The film “Saved from the Titanic” was released a month after the tragedy.

Soon Dorothy left the cinema and went to work at the Metropolitan Opera. In 1928, she and her mother moved to Paris. During the Second World War, while living in Italy, was accused of feelings anti-fascists and taken to the prison of San Vittore in Milan, where he escaped. During the following years he lived in France, where he died of a heart attack at 65 years of age.

A boy who could walk again after freezing

Richard Norris Williams sailed in the boat with their father, and during the accident of the Titanic behaved very calmly. The Williams family wanted to sit in a bar, but the steward refused to open the door, then went to the gym to warm up. When the passengers were in the water, Richard Norris noticed a boat of folding and went up to him. His father died of a collapsed chimney. Those who managed to survive were transferred to the boat life jackets 14.

On board the “Carpathia” the doctors recommended to Richard amputate his frozen feet, but he refused. Subsequently, healed his legs, he continued his career as a tennis player and won a gold medal in the Olympic Games. Then he fought in the First World War, after he became a successful investment banker in Philadelphia, and for 22 years was president of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Richard Norris Williams died of emphysema at age 77.

The last young passenger who remembered well the tragedy

Eva Miriam Hart was 7 years old when he and his parents boarded the “Titanic”. According to her, her mother decided not to sleep at night, because I was constantly worried and had a bad feeling. When the boat began to sink, his father ran towards the cabin, he wrapped Eve in a blanket and put it in the lifeboat, along with her mom. The last words you said were: “hold the hand of your mother, and I know a good girl.” The man’s body was never found.

Throughout her life, she worked as a singer and was an organizer of the conservative parties. She led an active life associated with the sinking of the “Titanic”, and, on multiple occasions, recounted in detail what happened the day of the tragedy in front of large numbers of people.

Eva Miriam Hart died at his home at the age of 91, in 1992.

The president who escaped the boat

Joseph Bruce Ismay was president of White Star Line, and he was responsible for the construction of the “Titanic”. Was saved in a boat, foldable, and in his testimony he said that when the boat “lived” his last minute he turned, so that he saw how it sank.

After the tragedy, Ismay was torn apart by the press and accused of fleeing the ship while there were still women and children on it. Later, he opened another ship called the “Mersey” for the training of merchant navy officers, donated a large sum of money to the fund of the sailors dead and at the bottom of the navy during the First World War.

For the rest of his life, Ismay was kept away from the public and died of a thrombosis at the age of 74.

Photos little-known taken after the shipwreck of the Titanic

The passenger survivors on the deck of the Carpathia.

Survivors aboard the “Carpathia” (the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Harder and Mrs. C. M. Hays, whose husband died).

The crowd awaits the arrival of the ocean liner “Carpathia”, which brought the survivors of the Titanic after the sinking. New York, April, 1912.

A newspaper seller in London announced the sinking of the Titanic.

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