Do you want wallpapers attractive for WhatsApp? Download these applications

WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging apps more popular, so some users have to provide their own personal touch to conversations with the goal of not falling into the monotony with a single default color.

Then, we would like to show you a list of applications that you can use to download amazing wallpapers to choose the one that most convinces you. May not be life or death, but if you want to highlight, or feel more comfortable viewing your chats individual, do not hesitate to take a look.

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This application not only will help you to download wallpapers are useful for WhatsApp, but also offers different tones for calls and messages that will excite you to customize your mobile device. If you have in mind a style of wallpaper, you will be able to search by categories and you will find multiple attractive designs and art that will stand out in your conversations. If you want, you can also choose widgets to customize your watch, or applications with the goal of not having the same traditional design.

Wallpapers for WhatsApp


As its name clearly indicates, in this application you will find all kinds of nice design; there are for all tastes and ages. If you are a simple person looking for basic colors, you will have the possibility to choose between hundreds of designs; otherwise, if you are a lover and passionate about nature, with this application you will find beautiful landscapes that decorate your conversations from WhatsApp. In turn, there are so many other images with minimalist designs or art that will look amazing wherever you put them.


fondos de pantalla para whatsapp

If your wave is a bit more “underground”, discrete and subtle, do not hesitate to download this application which allows you to edit your images preferred to give them a different tone. Assuming that you have a landscape, with Blurone, you will have the possibility to change the depth of field, and modify the approach to make it look more artistic. If you consider the colorful image could saturate the screen of your mobile device, this platform will help the colors to diminish.


whatsapp fondos

Unlike other applications, Tapet uses mathematical knowledge to generate their own wallpapers with symmetries, circles and geometric shapes. To delve into the entire catalog that have the application, you’ll be able to choose the design that most convince you and then you will have the opportunity to change the shades of color to make the images look different. This application is extremely attractive to people more methodical and organized.


fondos pantalla whatsapp

This application provides the ability to link your Google account for all funds of screen you choose, be synchronized with your files. There are designs extremely varied and attractive, which include landscapes, animals, scenes, iconic anime, images on the galaxy, and many other items which every lover of the geek will enjoy. In addition, a remarkable function in this application, is the fact that users have the possibility of establishing a time span for which the images are to be updated and so avoid the effort of re-search an image. Not only will be useful for WhatsApp, but you’ll also be able to move all these wallpapers to your mobile device.

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