Report sale of votes in a Free-Market

A little over a month to start the election to choose the next President of the Republic, some users are offering their vote in a Free Market, one of the e-commerce platform for purchase / sale of new and used products.

It has been reported Yuriria Avila, the research team Verified 2018 and a Political Animal, where also said that he contacted four of these vendors, which offered evidence of the vote.

According to some of the publications on the platform of Free Market, vendors offer to send photos or make a video call to ensure the purchase of the vote.

Several users have asked if the votes still available, others even warn them that this is an electoral crime, however, there is no evidence that a sale has been closed up to this point.

On the other hand, in social networks some users also are offering their vote, and ask any interested party to contact them by private message. Even in Merida, a young has also offered his vote in exchange for an Xbox One with two new controls, as reported El Universal.

For its part, the Fepade (Specialized Prosecutor’s office for Attention to Electoral Crimes), said Verified, 2018, in the event that there is a buyer of such votes, this could be seen as advocacy of electoral crime, and is punishable in the same way for those who sell the vote.

That is to say, so much to offer like buying a vote is prohibited by the General Law on Matters of Electoral Crimes, and may impose a fine of 50 to 100 days of minimum wage, and imprisonment of six months to three years against the culprits.

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