Challenge fun: show us the best application that you’ve written for Windows

In unocero we have promoted the programming as something more than applications that need to do something useful. The programming fun you are looking for any way to promote the art of programming and I know that in our country (and beyond), there are plenty of applications that deserve to be known by others.

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Therefore, in this occasion I will toss a challenge playful in particular, but we will open up the possibilities for each contestant to send us your best application, its the best program for the Windows platform, nothing more (for the moment). Is there someone who has written an image editor better than we know and that use traditionally? Is there perhaps a text editor to correct the spelling? Is there perhaps libraries of functions for a particular topic that makes working with them makes the tasks more easy and quick? Come on, what is the app to me can show, developer/programmer, of which you can feel proud?

Obviously as there is a particular subject, in the applications they are sent the criteria for “grading” can be varied and not necessarily functional in all programs, however, we try to be as fair as possible. The qualification criteria will be based on i. the originality of the application; ii. the functionality of the same; iii. the value of the problem that attacks and resolves; iv. the inherent limitations of each program; v. the interface with the user and its “usability”.

Those who are interested must send their programs to [email protected]. Along with a group of “personalities” of unocero, we will evaluate the applications and decide who deserves the award. If there is more than a worth, then you will be awarded more than one prize. In case you be a winner, you must deliver the source code to share it with the community. Let’s say that the idea is to promote the creation of software and in addition, to make this open source. If the author decides not to make your code accessible, you will forfeit your prize.

The prize is a cup of La_Morsa for that which you earn and you live in the City of Mexico. In the event that the winner is in a province, you will be sent a USB of at least 8 or 16 GB, because sending a cup by courier is stupidly expensive. Even so, if the winner wants the cup and absorbs the cost of shipping, as it is commanded.

I must say that this contest is in good faith. It’s about finding who resolve more satisfactorily the challenge. There is No “black hand” or “winner pre-designated”. Come on, this is a contest fair and square.

So hands up, I say, to the keyboard! Show us your best works, enséñenos the capabilities that we have as programmers. We are waiting for you.

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