Review of the vacuum cleaner Neato (Video)

The vacuum cleaner autonomous is the domestic robot most sold of the history. Appeared in the japanese market back in the year 1978 and was called Chiritorie. Had a wireless remote control and a shaft by which it could change direction. Its capacity was very limited, and the appropriateness of questionable use. However, since then, the industry of the robot vacuum cleaner has radically evolved until you get to the Neato D5.

System laser guided

The main problem of all the autonomous robots is the guidance system. The ability of the human mind to analyze our environment in a precise way, is remarkable. However, it is the workhorse for any artificial intelligence system, and in particular, the corner stone of the industry of the autonomous car.

In the specific case of vacuum cleaners-household circumstances to be taken into account are reduced radically: stairs, carpet, obstacles, and recognition of areas of passage are most of the issues to be faced. All the brands present in the market to solve the first two with solvency. However, the ability to recognize all of the cleaning surface and pass through it in a solvent, without tripping constantly or atrancarse, is very exceptional. In the case of the Neato D5 is, without doubt, his greatest virtue. There is a system of guided laser that lets you scan in real-time everything that is around you, generating a real map of the room and of the objects. In this way the guidance system is precise and efficient, avoiding shocks consistent with the furniture or walls. In addition to his form in “D” optimizes the approach to the corners and ledges.

Autonomy, and App: useful truth

When he began the boom of the IoT (Internet of things) it seemed inevitable that every device had its own application to connect with mobile (I have a toothbrush with your own app). However, few of these applications are practical and a few days of using it you forget about it. But this is not the case with the Neato. The app is simple and useful. Informs you of what you need and allows you to schedule its use without options useless. For added utility, the notifications are not a simple spam, if you are not alert you of situations in which the vacuum cleaner has had to stop, is atrancada or you have not found the charging base.

The last key point is the autonomy. The batteries in the Neato D5 are very, very capable. Allows cleaning to be continued for several hours, which means to aspire to more than 400m2. All this cleaning power is accompanied by a deposit of dirt large and of a system of suction effective.

And what about the “buts”?

On the side of the “cons” there are few things to point out. The main come from the own thinking of the vacuum system: cleaning of the filters and brushes, maintenance of rollers and brush. However there is one thing that if it is attributable to the design of the brand, and is the base load. How many robots vacuum cleaners I have tested, this seems to be an endemic evil. It is very light and the cable overly rigid, with a connection that is exposed, which makes the own Neato the move or getting stuck in the moment of their recharge.


The market the robot vacuum cleaner starts to be mature. The offer is huge and the features enough to compete with the systems of aspiration traditional. In the specific case of the Neato D5 there is no doubt: it is not only an auxiliary system of cleaning if not that may be responsible for the day to day of the house. Perhaps that future you had imagined with androids passing the vacuum cleaner has not been entirely accurate. This idea of a robot with shape and abilities of human beings that were doing what we may not have sense. In the future, without a doubt, we will be surrounded by robots that will do things like drive, clean, manage our time, to work for us…, but to do so will not have to resemble humans. Rather, they will have the forms that their roles were to dictate, and a good example of that future is the Neato D5.

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