Ridiculous and strange coincidences that leave more questions than answers

In our world, often things happen so striking that one is compelled to stop and address the question: “what Is an amazing coincidence, or there was a glitch in the Matrix?”. On a bus, sometimes, you can find your doppelgänger; at the airport, bumping into a person that has your same haircut, or see a cat in the dry grass. The main thing is to have enough time to take the picture just at that moment because, if not… Who you going to believe?

Great.guru has compiled for you pictures of those funny coincidences that can happen to anyone, even to you… it is Just that you realize all of them!

This small I was watching them from the parcel

Cute print!

“My daughter saw the advertisement of the film and exclaimed: ‘you Are equal to us!’”

When the tiles and the carpet are an all

For the first time, the label has deceived me

The shadow revealed that, indeed, she is a pirate

They say that each one of us has a twin in this world. It seems that this man has already found his

“A stranger told me that we had the same hairstyle and I asked that we take a picture together”

“My sister has a cat identical to her. Just to see you!”

Sit in front of the tv was not the best idea

Did you ever saw a centaur the other way around?

Certainly, it houses a mane of horse

— You parrot… I am your father!

— Oh, Noooo!

Clearly, something is not right with the parrots of this world

With the black cats also something strange happens

Half dog, half dog

What funny coincidences have happened in your life? Share your findings with us in the comments.

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