Roku returns to Mexico, court lifts ban for sale

After months of a tough legal battle, Roku Mexico announced with great fanfare that in the end he obtained the victory, and the prohibition for the sale of their devices for streaming was lifted with immediate effect.

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As announced on Roku Mexico on his Twitter account and also sent out a press release where specific that will rush to the devices are available for sale as soon as possible, within the “next few weeks”.

According to information released by Roku, was the 11th circuit Court of the City of Mexico, which nullified the ban through a writ for the sale of the device and its distributor in Mexico, Latamel Distribuidora S. de R. L. de C. V. “We are very satisfied with the determination of the Court to lift the ban on improper sales of the devices to Roku and we expect to continue to build the business of TV streaming of the brand in Mexico. The use of the equipment of the company in Mexico has always been and will continue to be legal, and our platform continues to grow and to respond to consumers throughout the country,” said Stephen Kay, Legal director of the company.

More than a year ago, a failure of the holder of the Court Thirty-Eighth Civil of the City of Mexico prevented the import and sale of devices Roku in Mexico. It not only affected the business of the company, but the possibility that mexican consumers would have to reach another way of watching tv. Now this is already a thing of the past.

Availability of Roku in Mexico

The brand said that in the first stage of this return, Roku will be available on Amazon, Best Buy, Coppel, Liverpool, Free-Market, Office Depot, Palacio de Hierro, Radio Shack, Sanborns, Sears, and Walmart.

“We are grateful to our clients in Mexico, who, despite the prohibition of the sales, followed by consuming more and more hours of streaming; we also thank our partners in retail and / or content providers who gave us their support during the past year. We look forward to bringing the teams Roku back to Mexico, and to provide an experience of streaming even richer,” said Matthew Anderson, director of Marketing for Roku. and Partners.

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