Did you know that there’s an app for confessing your sins?

Currently, we have multiple applications that help us to facilitate our daily tasks; from platforms that have a diet to lose weight, to services streaming to enjoy a good movie or series.

These are basic examples of applications that are part of the daily routine, but it is also true that there are applications that are absurd or curious (not to say useless) as those that can detect ghosts, or serve as virtual people so that users do not feel alone and have with who to talk to.

While we were given the task of finding an interesting application, we find that there is a platform that aims to provide a channel for users to be able to confess their sins. Yes, just as it sounds, it is Confession, a app endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church who serves as an intermediary between the person and God; as a kind of priest.

Applications that supposedly “detect ghosts”

With this application, users can choose the sin that you have committed to that Confession gives you a penance. However, you must not believe that it is a simple platform widespread, so you customize the profile of each member so that they can perform a thorough examination to consciousness. Depending on certain aspects such as age, gender, vocation, or marital status, the application will choose the penance relevant.

app ridicula

The developers of the application intended to help people catholic to have an approach to God through the technology, but suggest that do not take as a replacement, as it is not the same to use this app, go to church and go to confession with a father.

Confession allows the users to choose 6 Acts of Contrition (prayer to show repentance before the offenses against God) to redeem their errors.

We stayed boquiabertos to see the existence of an application as well, because beyond judge any ideal or place in doubt the faith, we think that distorts the sense of the catholic religion. In addition, is really a application that will solve all of our mistakes moral? or what will help us to redeem our “bad” actions?, how an application is able to impose a penance? We would like you to share with us your comments.

Become a spy with these apps

If you want to stop having doubts and uncertainties to confess to you, you can find this application for Android, although it has a cost of $26.12 (for the moment).

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