Did you know that you should never ignore the crying of a baby? Here, we’ll explain why

The vast majority of the parents of a newborn react immediately when you hear your child crying. But imagine a situation in which the parents choose not to meet any crying baby thinking that they can be pure whimsy, a manipulation or, simply, thinking that this will not affect you in nothing. However, it is very important to be attentive to the tears of a small child, as there are several very sound reasons that may occur such a reaction.

Today, Great.guru you will have what consequences can arise if you ignore the crying of a newborn baby.

Functional changes in the brain

The researchers from the University of Yale and of the Harvard Medical School, discovered that an intense stress experienced during the first months of life can cause functional changes in the brain, similar to those faced by adults who suffer from depression.

A continuous stress creates conditions to the synapses (contact sites between two neurons or brain cells that transmit, process and store information) are damaged. And these problems with the links neuronal, in turn, influence the future development of the brain. The first year of life is extremely important, because during that period of time happens an exponential growth in the brain (increases about three times in a single year).

In addition, it releases cortisol, the stress hormone, whose presence leads to the destruction of neurons. The signs of damage do not always appear immediately, but at a more advanced age.

Decreased intelligence

A constant stress at an early age negatively affects the development of intelligence in children. According to a research conducted in the united States, if we ignore systematically the crying of a baby for a long time, this may cause a cognitive impairment in the future.

It was discovered that the children who used to cry a lot and without control in the first 3 months of life, at the age of 5 years had a QI lower (about 9 points on average, compared to the control group) and, also, worst indicators of development of fine motor skills.

Risk of developing attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity

Today, this syndrome is quite common and, according to the scientists, can be connected with a crying without control during the first months of life. In an article published in the journal Pediatrics, says that this problem, which causes difficulties in studies and anti-social behavior, can be caused by the lack of reaction on the part of the parents to the crying of children at an early age.

The authors conclude that the risk of the development of the syndrome of attention deficit and hyperactivity in children who were ignored when they cry, it is 10 times higher than in the rest. A number that is more than impressive! Definitely, we should pay attention to this data.

Emotional problems

As already mentioned, a crying uncontrolled in the first months of life influences the development of the brain, especially in the areas that control emotions. That means that, in this case, do not develop properly, due to which the child may grow up to be impulsive, violent, and incapable of forming an emotional bond with their parents and other people.

According to the Dr. Allan Schore, caring parents, and responsible to stimulate the development of the areas of the brain responsible for links and the emotional well-being.

A aggressiveness marked in some adults may be a consequence of an excessive production of adrenaline from an early age, when they spent so much time crying alone.

But, in parallel to these data, there is also another opinion

According to another study, a crying short in the nights without serious reasons (such as could be colic, or fever) is something normal and the best thing parents could do is give your time for the newborn to be able to fall asleep then.

In this way, the child will learn to calm down by itself without waiting for the immediate help of their parents and, as a consequence, he and the parents will sleep better at night. This does not mean, of course, that the baby needs to cry all night.

What do you, what do you think about the infant crying? What remedies do you use or were using to reassure your children? Share your experiences with us in the comments.

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