Samsung will launch its own alternative to WhatsApp and Telegram

Currently, the market of instant messaging applications is saturated, since we can easily count more than 10 different options to chat with our contacts, however, WhatsApp and Telegram are the two most popular choices in America and Europe and some countries of Asia, while in China the most popular option is WeChat.

However, Samsung seems that is working on its own solution to WhatsApp, and to do this you want to leverage your position in the market, where he currently is the company that most smartphones sold on average throughout the year in the world.

And is that according to the information obtained by a half-Korean, Samsung already has everything ready for the launch of its new instant messaging application, in fact, has already made the registration of such mark with the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union (HOST), as well as in its similar of South Korea.

According to the leaked information, this new application will have the name of “Uhssup” and the first teams in it will be the new Galaxy S9 and S9+, but if the brand wants to convert to Uhssup a real alternative to WhatsApp, then it is likely that you rolled it out to iPhone and other Android devices.

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The first information in relation to the operation of Uhssup mentions that you will be able to send messages and location of the users, even though it did not provide details of more information, such as multimedia elements or if you will be able to use it on different devices simultaneously.

It is likely that this new communication tool will be presented at the Mobile World Congress in conjunction with the new Galaxy S9, so this a good opportunity for Samsung for such a service to have the media attention that you need.

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