It’s all over! The end of the Inbox of Google is about slowly

Have spent a couple of months since they announced the change that would befall Gmail, since that would have a new design and features that make a tool much more effective than it was before, however, with all the excitement that this caused, many users stopped paying attention to Inbox.

If you also forgot, Inbox was a feature that Google introduced in 2014 so that people could have an order in the emails that they sent, as well as a number of personalized answers that would help them to avoid the fatigue be responding to each one.

Also had the option of grouping multiple emails of the same type, so that it could be read more easily without having to be looking one by one in order to understand the context around a topic.

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Also, there was the option to highlight emails important, to place you quickly and in this way, can give you a quick response in case of need, since they knew the way in which its public was divided by the work activities carried out.

Therefore, I knew to give greater weight to facilitate the tasks and obligations that had consistently.

It was a good tool, but the time did their own thing and I leave it in the forgetfulness, since the creation of Gmail absorbed and implemented all of the good that they had, so that five years later, he has taken the decision to stop their updates.

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According to this, is that Inbox will close its doors within six months, which means that in march of 2019, there will be no more and will only be memories of what a day it was.

If this information, has been taken by surprise and not know what to do with all the files that were in Inbox, Google offers a guide of how you can make the change to any other application that is still available.

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