It is celebrated on the Year and the Dog and the Pokémon GO joins

Pokémon GO, the mobile application of augmented reality that managed to be the most downloaded during the year 2016, it still continues to employ great efforts to get users to return to play. Now, with the pretext of the celebration of the Year of the Dog by the lunar New Year, Niantic decided to integrate the creatures similar to dogs

Maybe it’s a new alternative for players to be tempted to increase your list of creatures to be able to perform incredible fighting. If you are a lover of dogs and of Pokémon GO, you can not miss this opportunity.

What will be the pokémon canines?

Through the event, users will have the possibility of finding creatures like Growlithe, Eevee, Snubble and Electrike, but with one exception that will be limited: the ability to find them with the triple of stardust, which will help to improve the performance of your creatures.

Not be able to play Pokémon GO on your iPhone if it has no iOS 11 installed

Other updates…

If that weren’t enough, Pokémon GO will also add new costumes that are used by the team Rocket as the Rainbow and the traditional. The application will allow players to buy both costumes for only 950 coins. This is how the official account on Twitter of the developers of the app showed how you will look. With these outfits you’ll be able to have the appearance of greater toughness to impress your friends and opponents.

What some don’t want to have these adorable creatures in your Pokédex?

Rumors indicate that there might be a new Pokémon GO of Harry Potter

The dynamic has already started, but it is important to mention that it will be very short, since it will end until the 17th of February, so if you don’t want to lose, take your smartphone, go for a walk and try to capture all the possible creatures.

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