Extends the networks the myth about what the egg yolk of these three is more good for our health

Surely you’ve broken several eggs and you may have noticed that the color of the yolk is different. And as all the world, the head will flood of questions to decipher the reason. Well, keep reading to learn the information you need on this.

Eggs are a staple in almost all our diets. While its nutritional impact has sometimes been contradictory, the majority of us consider eggs as one of the healthiest foods we can eat. Are loaded of protein, certain vitamins and have a good level of cholesterol, but are all eggs created equal?

Obviously there is a difference in the eggs, which varies according to its origin and species, and even breeds of chickens, but this time we will focus on chicken eggs. Many people believe that the color of the yolk determines the nutritional value of an egg. Are you one of them?

Se extiende por las redes el mito sobre qué yema de huevo de estas tres es más buena para nuestra salud
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Although the color means nothing, the diet of a chicken affect the properties of an egg. The chickens reared by grazing, or which are fed with natural ingredients, have more Omega-3 fats healthy, but less good cholesterol.

So now you have your answer! Any egg is good for you, is the color that it is, there are simply differences in the nutritional value of each one depending on how you feed the hens.

I hope you has been helpful and you have no doubts about the rumors about the eggs that have been around for so many years, neither the color nor the shape of the bud influences how healthy is an egg or not.

Did you even know the truth about the nutritional value of the eggs? Are you going to continue eating this food so versatile? So post your impressions in the comments section!

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