Filter the new design of Gmail

The day of yesterday we shared with you new information about the redesign and new features that Google is working to incorporate in the web version of Gmail, and just a few hours after it has filtered the design thanks to a user who is already testing the new interface and functions of this popular e-mail service.

The images were sent to Android Authority by a user in the united States, and in them we can see a clear change of design based on Material Design, the design line created by Matias Duarte, who debuted in Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Note: the images have been edited to hide personal information of the user

The truth is that the changes will not mean a problem for the users, because the essence of the site remains the same, and the options are located in virtually the same manner.

Less than 10% of GMail users use the double-check

As we can see, the side menu is much more like Inbox, where we can find the inbox, the emails postponed, favorites, and other categories. In addition to that disappear the groupings of the top of the messages, although not by that means that we will be disorganized, because Google will continue cataloging our emails the smart way to have a better control and organization.

Interface Ibox

When you select a mail we will continue to see the options or action buttons such as delete, archive, mark as spam, move, and add a label, although these functions can also suffer from a design change that makes everything look more harmonious.

Image from The Verge

One of the functions that draws much attention is that of right-hand side we have a menu with other Google services compatible with the new Gmail, and we see that we can use services like Google Keep to create notes, or Google Calendar to view our calendar, all without the need to leave the service, so that we will be more productive if we’re constantly using these tools.

Google will no longer read emails from Gmail

In the same way, we will have several ways to visualize the new Gmail, in this way, each user can select the way you want that suits the interface.

It is likely that Google will announce very soon the new update of the design and features of Gmail, at which time it will be released gradually to all users in the world.

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