Filter out the characters that might appear in Street Fighter V

In order to grab the attention of users, the company deploys updates that contain new scenarios, and above all, well-known characters and many other new to give them a taste to players who grew up with Street Fighter.

To improve the gameplay and the fights that become so interesting as they were before, have been added to fighters that give you a fighting couple and will be entertaining the hours spent in front of the screen.

According to some rumors that emerged by the middle of DasVergeben, a user whose credibility is huge in the source of the leaks and rumors of Reddit, was published an alleged list of the characters that will be in the fourth season of Street Fighter V.

The names of the well known characters are:

  • Viper
  • Makoto
  • Necro
  • Gold
  • Q
  • Sodom

With respect to the new protagonists that will be seen are:

  • Phantom
  • Even without a name

The story of Phantom is related to F. A. N. G., as is his apprentice, and applied all the lessons and teachings that he taught, while the last character is not much known about it not even your name, but it is expected that soon comes to light.

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DasVergeben commented that of the eight characters that are, in total, there will be two of them that will be completely free and in addition to all, the development of Street Fighter VI is taking place, however everything seems to indicate that you do not come soon, rather it would be a few years and it is believed that it would launch in 2021 or later.

Only time will give the reason to this user, while he has been successful in some of the leaks, it has not been done at all; so there’s that created so many illusions in this regard.

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