According to this study, the vast majority of the memes come from only two web sites

Memes are the seasoning of the Internet and social networks. For years have caused tidal waves of laughter all over the world and after nearly any situation and/or event we already have the required production of these jokes graphics which is the inevitable consequence.

Proposed Law that prohibits the memes and we are very concerned

But what is almost always a mystery is to know where they come from these images, what machinery is activated each time the carretadas of memes invade social networks and serve as fuel for the trains viral? As a new study by the University College London and published by the MIT has brought us closer to deciphering this mystery to determine that the overwhelming majority of the memes that invade the network from just two web sites: Reddit and 4Chan.

This is the conclusion that is obtained Gianluca Stringhini and a group of academics, who developed a method to measure the dissemination and propagation of memes through the Internet. Using that technique, they studied the distribution of 100 million of these images, and the communities where they originate and crawled up to Reddit and 4chan to the groups with the greatest influence.

The database of memes that were used the scientists were obtained from Reddit, Twitter, 4Chan and Gab, then they used an algorithm to contejarlos with the inventory of 700,000 images that have registered with the website Know your meme.

The study does not aim to find the particular people who made the memes, but scientists seek to identify and isolate the point of ignition of each one of these images when they become “toxic” or promote negative behaviors or discriminatory.

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