If one day you’ve complained of the cold, these 27 photos will teach you how to live in places more ice cream than your city

While some people love the snow and winter sports, others say that the best thing about that station is that sooner or later it’s over. Both groups have to endure the inconveniences that brings the cold. As this December, which puts us to the test for our upcoming New Year’s holiday.

Great.guru found 27 photographs that means anyone who has spent a cold and long winter. The bonus at the end of the article you will remember that it is necessary to collect the snow in time.

“My daughter for the first time low of a top”

“Today in the morning mom took the photo of a reindeer that slide on the ice”

Does the game not cancelled due to so much snow?

“I convinced my husband to go out to the street, with a suit of the Death. The neighbors did not assess the mood”

“Make-up” of santa Claus

“No I’ll wait for the tram today. Then, with skates I will go to the work”

The street lamp was frozen, but still giving light

“The cat of my friend sees for the first time in the snow”

This cat decided to take a walk, but suddenly changed his mind

The winter came unexpectedly, the kitten is surprised

“Come down from the top,” they said. “It will be fun”, they said

“Oops, I spilled my coffee! It’s good that he has not broken!”

“When everything is wrong with the oxygen, drilled a hole and back in 15 minutes”

I had imagined the throne of a Queen of snow in a different way

Moscow. December. Bus

“What are you watching, man? Help me, come on!”

“I sent my husband to take a turn with our daughter”

“We were waiting in the car to my wife and we saw this”

“The right side is my garage”

I forgot to upload the glass. So what!

The most important thing is to raise the wipers so they don’t stick

“Variable cloudiness, nevará a little. Hooray, I found my car!”

“Someone did damage to nature, and is now avenging. Do or so how to explain these icicles horizontal?”

Life not prepared me for these situations

The thermometer “do not mark more”

Only the children in Yakutia to −45 ° are still in the swing as if nothing had happened

It does not matter if I am at work or I’m going back: in December it is just as dark in the morning than in the afternoon

Bonus: the train arrives at the platform full of snow in New York

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