If you think that in the world already not good things happen, you have to see these 20 photos

When on the tv only pass on bad news and as difficult as life is already, it’s easy to lose faith in this world. But not dramaticemos: there is still a place for good actions on our planet. For the more banal it sounds, perhaps it’s because of them that the Earth is still spinning.

Down with the scepticism and the bad mood! Great.guru brought together 20 pictures that melt any heart with its warmth. And at the end awaits you a sweet bonus.

Risking his own life, a monkey pulled out a puppy from a terrible fire

“I will protect him because I love him”

This young man made a cone for your cat not to feel bad

The woman found her cat after an earthquake

A zorrito got into the chicken coop and slept without doing damage to the hens

When her son, who suffers from autism, was sad because his video store favorite had closed, his parents built their own video store at home

A woman brought a cat from the street. Just look at how it has changed

“We have 41 years of marriage, but I still love to see her have fun as a girl”

“I told my brother that I couldn’t afford to buy expensive gifts for Christmas and the money I barely enough for food. This was what I saw when I woke up in the morning christmas”

A cat of Omsk free trip from a week ago. So, the driver saves the little animal without a home of frost

These two maintained a friendship over the Internet for a year: a young man of 22 years and a woman 81. Recently, the young man traveled to Florida to meet her new friend

The city needs more heroes as well

“Today, my mom traveled for two hours to my home to bring me these cookies”

“4 years ago I saw her going to the prom with a skirt-chaser and 2 weeks ago I saw her marry the man of their dreams. I love my girl”

A cat was hit by a car and broke his jaw and a leg. The doctors had to remove most of his teeth. The surgeon took her to her home immediately after the operation, and called her Cat Duchess Miraculous

The father stopped the wedding ceremony to the stepfather of his daughter to bring the bride to the altar with him

A grandmother starts to get excited by a flower given. Doing good is so easy

“In the subway, my nephew put him in the hood this note as ’insulting’”

In Mexico it snowed for the first time in 20 years and a man made a snowman in the tomb of his mother, because she once had promised to make a snowman together

A young man has been buying for many years to his brother, who has a mental disorder, the same toy car for Christmas, but they stopped producing it. The users of the Internet helped her find a favorite toy of his brother! A true miracle

Bonus: only the lazy most tender in the world. ¡Have a nice day!

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