If a parallel universe existed, here are 22 examples of how it could be

It seems incredible, but many physicists believe that in some corner of the Universe there is a parallel universe, where everything is almost the same as in the world in which we live. While they look for proof, the artists let their imagination run wild and show us your vision of the world, where everything is flipped from head to toe.

Great.guru collected 24 illustrations about reality, where everything is upside down. At the end awaits a proof that we already have a foot in the parallel world.

1. Hands and feet breaded

2. The magic of the fairy money

3. The batteries are charging

4. That feeling is so familiar

5. Teaching tactics

6. People in fish tanks

7. Water amusement

8. “Quiet, human, you calm down!”

9. “You sons of…!”

10. The Avengers

11. “I don’t drop, don’t drop!”

12. Cow flying is not identified

13. “Oh, my favorite!”

14. “Why does he do it?”

15. “Don’t make me angry!”

16. Dispenser… blood

17. Anorexic

18. A battle cruel

19. Develops fine motor skills

20. New prosthesis

21. Every time you turn on the light…

22. Merry Christmas!

Bonus: we’re almost in the parallel universe

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