If you don’t believe in miracles, look at these 12 pictures of people who beat cancer

According to different statistical data, anualmete die of cancer millions of people. While that retrieves a much smaller number of patients. Behind each number is hidden a story of struggle and courage.

Today in Great.guru decided to tell you about 12 people beat this disease. We sincerely want to believe that someday every battle against the cancer will be defeated. In the meantime, let us rejoice together for the heroes of this article, since their recovery is a true miracle.

“A year after recovering from cancer”

“15 years ago I lost my leg due to cancer , but this has not prevented me from enjoying life”

“I miss my hair, but not the tumor in my head. It took a week without cancer!”

The first and the last day in the first grade. She beat cancer!

“The difference between these photos is one year. At 19 the doctors told me I was diagnosed with cancer. I was told that he would not live more than three months. But after 14 months I recovered completely!”

“Today, our daughter came out of hospital after 9 months of chemotherapy and a difficult operation”

“Today I just found out that my tumor has shrunk in half and I no longer have lymph nodes cánceren the lungs! Also today I played with these kittens. It was a brilliant day”

“On the table of my father is written the following: ’no more chemo’. My dad had breast cancer, but now he is absolutely healthy (by the way, men also can have this kind of cancer, however, is not as common as in women)”

“I just found out that after 6 months of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I overcame the cancer!”

“My mom removed the hospital gown that she was wearing in the chemotherapies. She didn’t need more: mom was healed of breast cancer!”

After 5 years of beating the cancer

“Today I have beaten cancer”: the animals are also struggling for his life

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