If you feel bad or you’re in a bad mood, look at these 20 photos of animals

When your mood is lousy, and it seems that there is nothing that can gladden you, it is very important to see something truly tender and beautiful. Here is where you can help our friends of four paws. Playful and serious, furry and not, active or sleeping, all are equally great.

Great.guru prepared for you a new portion of tenderness that you should definitely begin eating if you are in a bad mood.

Cat with curls

“My dog caught a ball of snow!”

The deer pudu: the smallest in the world

This puppy is only 5 weeks

Small bunny. It seems that it is made of chocolate

It is only a kitten lying on a cushion in the form of bread to toast

“My dog finally succeeded in getting two toys in the mouth at once. You’re happy!”

Oh that look!

This cat already has 23 years: it is serious, noble and just fantastic

“I atasqué in traffic for an hour, but fortunately I made friends with this dog in the car to the side”

What smell so nice!

This rabbit is resting at the maximum

Octopuses are also tender. Especially when they are babies

The tenderness pure

This dog rhino is charming

A family cat

So just look at these legs!

Cat with his birthday cake

The city needs this hero

The flying squirrels japanese are sooo tender

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