If your child refuses to try new foods, these tricks solve the problem

The meal time is often a battle between parents and children. It is very common for children to spend periods of not wanting to eat or try new foods. If you recognise this situation and want to know how to remedy it, you only have to keep reading!

To solve the problems of the children and the food, Great.guru tells you some tricks that will get your child to eat healthy and varied.

1. Let the child play with the food

Babies and children tend to refuse to eat things they don’t know. If we let them experiment with food at his own pace, becoming familiar with the colors, textures and smells of food. So it will be much easier to try new things.

2. Creates a comfortable environment during meals

For a child, the social interaction that occurs between his family at the time of eating is very important. If the atmosphere among the members of the family is nice, this will help the child be more eager to sit at the table. It will also improve your available to the new food.

3. Introduces the child in the world of the kitchen

It is recommended to let your son help you in the kitchen, or, if not cook at home due to lack of time, you can enroll in classes to learn. Know the process of creation of a dish and its ingredients, encourage them to try it. I also will be excited to taste their own culinary creations, so take the opportunity to introduce new foods.

4. Have patience

Give your child time to be able to eat at ease and quiet. If you regañas or you are in a hurry by the end, your son will end up hating the time of the food and everything that surrounds it. It is recommended that you do not force yourself to eat because, by doing this only will cause more rejection of your child towards the food. Remember how you had patience when it just started to crawl and I wanted to explore every nook and cranny of your home. With the food is the same.

5. Make the food attractive and fun

The children, the food into them before for the eyes. That’s why, if they like the look of this, will have a greater willingness to try new foods. Play with shapes, colors, sizes… let your imagination fly and create a dish that your child appeals to you visually.

6. Remember that the children act by imitation

If you eat all, it is more likely that they will also do it. For this reason, you need to have a balanced diet that will teach your children to eat healthy. Try not to make different menus, so that to see that all members of the family eat the same dish.

7. A ingredient and various alternatives

As we said earlier, the instinct of a child to say no to new products is very high. If the child says that does not want to try a food, or, don’t like it, must be presented in several ways. You can also camuflarlo, if you do not like the taste or texture of certain food.

If you generate a good environment at the time of eating, your child will eat much better, and will be encouraged to try different foods and dishes.

Have you ever passed through this stage? Do you know some other tricks to make kids eat better? Do share them in the comments!

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