If your partner does these 8 things, you can be sure that he loves you

The love on the screen and in the books romantic we have gotten used to thinking that a man who loves sincerely, your fiancee needs to fill it with flowers and ornaments, going mad for it and at least once to save the world in his honor. When you do not receive such signs of love in real life, often we get discouraged and we feel they do not love us. But is this really so? or will the male love is expressed in another way?

Great.guru collected some data for you that according to the opinion of the psychologists show a real and sincere love on the part of a man, better than thousands of flowers and hundreds of kittens saved from trees. And even if your man don’t confess your ardent feelings, but more regularly makes it a part of the things in this list, you can be sure that he loves you.

8. Listens more than he talks

The majority of men never refuse to talk about themselves and their achievements, but not the one you want. He listens with great attention, and always in question, because under the term of sincere love, one understands the interest and the empathy, even though the topic of conversation has no value.

And if your man on the contrary is not interested in your issues and refuses to listen to you, but at the same time you can argue for several hours over the course of the euro or about the different varieties of spinning, worth thinking about in this.

7. Cares for your friends and family

The man that you want to accept your family and your friends to more close to your heart, as to you, because these people are part of your world. He may not like or enjoy, but he never will hinder your communication and always come to your aid, in case of being necessary.

6. You never exclude them from a discussion

How often have you noticed situations in which excluded women in a common discussion, saying: “don’t get involved, figure it out myself”? The man who loves you will not do this. Perceives his beloved equally, and never humiliate, excluyéndola of the conversation and keeping you from expressing your point of view.

5. You are proud of your achievements and talk about them with other people

Many men do not tolerate when their women make their way successfully in a number of areas, especially when they themselves do not shine with their achievements. But the man who wants you, you are perceived as an extension of himself, rejoices in your successes and have no shame in sharing with their friends.

4. Grateful to you and to you praises constantly

To the side of a man who loves her, the woman feels special, needed and irreplaceable, because she always hear in your address words of appreciation and, therefore, feel that all your efforts are appreciated. Even after several years of marriage, the husband that loves will never see his wife and all that he does as an obligation.

3. Do confessions even if you don’t ask

In any relationship, there has to be confessions, a renunciation of something, and sometimes even sacrifices. The difference is that in relationships without love, this happens by pressure of one member of the pair. The man who loves your partner is willing to give up their interests for her.

2. Respect and accept your opinion, even if it’s different to yours

“There are two opinions: mine and wrong”. This attitude is impossible in love. Although before the man, reluctantly, to confess that the woman was the reason, in the case of the beloved everything changes: even when he does not agree, is willing to understand and accept.

1. You are his priority

The man that loves you always make choices to your favor. And not just because he likes to spend time with you, but also because it sees you as part of a future set. A beloved woman in a man’s mind is so close that it takes into account the interests of his wife as his own.

What about you, what signs you consider characteristic of the male love? How do you manage to understand without confessions passionate if a man likes you or not?

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