If you don’t like your cell phone, eBay can comprártelo

The news that the company eBay this implemented a system that will help users find their cell desired, thanks to your current phone has made thousands to be excited and wonder about what this is all about.

This method takes the name of Instant Selling, and as your name says, you will be able to make direct sales on the eBay platform, but with a different touch.

The way this works, is by means of cellular people, as they will serve as the interchange because when you sell on eBay, the company gives a coupon that can be redeemed to purchase a new phone.

This is to help people find their smartphone ideal, and to enter the competition against the Gazelle, EcoATM and GiveBack of Apple, which also carry out exchange programs.

The way in which eBay plans to stand out from your opponents, is by the rate of exchange that will give, since that will provide more than 40% of their customers, which is the average that the companies previously mentioned.

With respect to the cellular and telephone companies that eBay is accepting in these moments, are the following:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 until the Samsung Galaxy S9+
  • IPhone 6S 16 GB onwards

Although they may seem very few, the company will not be there, as they plan to expand very soon, for this is that in November of this year will add to T-Mobile, Sprint, Google Pixel and some products of LG.

This is what Google offers-after the fall YouTube

The procedure that is performed to be able to sell the phone is the following:

  • Go to this link and provide the information required on the form
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • After that, you will receive the quote and if you accept the proposal, you can accept the shipping label, which will help to deliver the phone to eBay
  • Once you are in the hands of the company, will be cleaned internally and externally to make it look new.
  • When this has happened will be given to Cexchange, partner-exchange services, to update the phone and this way is ready to be sold

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