Follow these 10 rules for who can forget the chronic fatigue

The fast pace of modern life imposes on us many responsibilities. More and more people enter the vicious circle of getting up cansandas in the morning, to feel without energy all day and not have the strength neither to work nor to rest well. invites you to take a break and listen to your body. In this article you will find different tips that will help you to be less tired and enjoy life more.

1. Wake up the right way

If you want to sleep another 5 minutes, you do nothing good to your body. The brain does not have time to immerse yourself in a deep sleep and rest. If you already woke up, it would be best if you stretch and you stand up a time with pleasant thoughts.

2. Say “no” to multitasking

Do you think that so you’ll save time and you’ll be able to do much more? But, doing several tasks at the same time or distrayéndote constantly of your main job only do you spend your resources. And, by the way, the time will remain the same.

3. Take breaks every hour

A hard work non-stop will leave you squeezed for the end of the day. In addition, we all know how tired our bodies if we sat a long time in the same posture. Take your rest 5 or 10 minutes every hour and do a few exercises for your eyes and your body. Or, simply, stop to search for a glass of water.

4. Well ventilated environments

If not venting well rooms, accumulates carbon dioxide, which is in good dose decreases the concentration and performance. A bit of fresh air will revive your exhausted body. Ventilate your rooms during the day and, very important, before you go to bed also, so you are going to sleep much easier and you get better quality of sleep.

5. Make a change

Nothing discourages as much as the routine and monotony constant. If you think that some change can give you a temporary effect, then try something new each time. Invents some interesting tasks for the weekend, you change furniture in your house or in the office, get yourself a hobbie new, usa new routes to get home from work or try a new type of tea. The new impressions not only help to release dopamine in the brain, but also improve our memory.

6. Do not eat fat at lunch

Not in vain called heavy oily food. Delay to be absorbed and makes you more passive. A meal balanced will provide you with necessary energy without heaviness for the whole day.

7. Stop drinking energy drinks

The action of these drinks is not very durable and when the effect runs out, you will feel even worse. In addition, energy drinks affect much the heart, which is very inconvenient if you already have a lot of work. It will be best to keep good water balance in your body. It takes at least 1.5 litres of water daily.

8. Don’t forget the sauna

Don’t waste your weekend. A variant interesting and healthy would be to go to the sauna. This alleviates the fatigue and stress, relaxes and renews your body. You can take your essences and peels favorite and make a day of personal care.

9. Walk before sleep

A passive rest in front of the television or the computer or the extended working day will not leave you to relax. The fresh air and physical exercise simple, you will remove the tiredness and stress. A walk is the ideal variant. You can go for a walk alone or invite your friends.

10. Do not use devices before sleeping

The image bright and flashing will not allow you to sleep well. So that your body can rest in a healthy way, find another thing to do before sleep. You can, for example, reading, listening to pleasant music, taking a bath or meditating. If you can’t pass without a device, or a minute, don’t forget to activate the night mode.

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