Without money: the warning from the Guardia Civil about the timo that the Cashier will not give you money

To prevent possible theft at the atm, the Civil Guard has released a notice through its official Twitter account, on the steps to follow, in the event that the cashier will not give you money when you try to remove it with your card. An action that we do very commonly and we have to be careful.

The advice of the Civil Guard to prevent theft at the atm

As reported on the tweet, the most important thing is not to leave in any case. If you’ve gotten the pin correctly, and it still does not give you the money, this is what you have to do. First, in the event that you’re on schedule, call the customer service. If this is not possible, press the information button and emergency that is usually next to the cashier.

It is also important that you look at whether there is the possibility of a ‘false front’. A simulation of the atm the thieves to reproduce, and that is usually accompanied by cameras that record our data. So, make sure that it is a real structure. The false tend to be less attached.

Then, if the card slot is cumbersome, the type of the image, it can also be a fake one. These, are typically equipped with a skimmer. This device can also copy our data, while operating in the atm, for later to be able to clone the card, without us noticing anything.

Sin dinero: la advertencia de la Guardia Civil sobre el timo de que el Cajero no te de dinero

If you’re going to get the card, you realize that the slot is blocked or a bit loose, it is likely that you are being the victim of a ‘Tie lebanese’. A gadget that is in charge of taking our card and do not let her leave. In this way, the thief will wait until we move to get closer and retrieve it.

And finally, if you press the buttons notes something weird, like it is loose, it could be a keyboard fake that is put on the surface, which will register the pressure.

There are not that obsessive with this sort of thing, but to have some caution about who is around you while you work in the atm, and take into account these aspects, it can save you from having a burglary.

Cover image: totojang1977 / Shutterstock
Source: Twitter / Guardia Civil

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