Smartphone with discount in return for advertising on the screen

Those who are interested in a smartphone of Wileyfox can be almost half cheaper by variants to buy those ads built.

The British manufacturer launches so-called Add X-versions of various Wileyfox phones, including the Swift 2 and Spark X. Discounts up to 42 percent, when it is opted for a variant that advertising presents.

These phones show ads on the lock screen, so you will each time to see when you device it takes. These are partly based on your age and gender, which you will need during setup the enter button.


If buyers later still very disturbing to find, then they can the advertising for four tens of a reward. There will be later an update on the phone within the ads once and for all turn off.

Google will soon be ads on vergrendelingsschermen to links, but in that case it is a ban on apps that this type of advertising-install. What Wileyfox do well, because it is in the phone itself is built.

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