Snapchat will allow users to make their own filters facial

Snapchat, in its time, was one of the apps that really revolutionized the social networks, allowing users to share videos fleeting and to maintain private conversations with the ability to be destroyed automatically. That, without counting, that the application was very innovative by offering filters curious augmented reality.

However, other applications (you know who you are, Instagram) took advantage of their scope to copy the features of Snapchat, which complicated things for the social network, whose army of members decided to migrate to other platforms.

Now, everything seems to indicate that Snapchat wants to make great efforts to retrieve its users with a new update that will allow each member to encourage their creativity by creating their own filters of augmented reality.

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Some months ago, the application presented a platform called Lens Studio with which users can create any type of object in augmented reality; now, through the same, Snapchat launched 7 new templates to allow creators to develop masks digital.

These include hats baseball virtual, face paint and tools to attach three-dimensional objects at the head of a user. In addition to this new update, Snapchat added to Giphy, after having withdrawn to the platform by a scandal of racism.

The new study adds Snapchat allows developers to build filters facial in just five minutes, according to The Verge. By uploading it to the app, Snapchat provides a Snpacode and a link that when tapped, users can view it for 24 hours.

However, the code has a duration of 1 year, so that users can continue to desbloqueándolo to continue with more creations under the same template.

The creations of the users may be public for others to have the chance to get to know them and share them. If a filter succeeds in having a lot of success, Snapchat could reward users with special features.

The update is still in testing phase, but is soon likely to be integrated at the international level.

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Will you ever return to Snapchat to take advantage of the filters of augmented reality?

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