Sony announces Xperia XZ2 Premium with dual camera

The Xperia XZ2 is just to purchase, and yet announced, Sony is already an improved version in the form of the XZ2 Premium. It is the first smartphone from Sony with a dual camera on the back.

Sony combines a monochrome sensor (12 megapixel resolution) with a color sensor (19 megapixel resolution), to make that extra sharp snapshots as possible. The high ISO values ensure that the details also remain visible in low light.

Also the sensor in the selfiecamera (13 mp) is optimized for dark photos. Images with highlights/depth-effects are also a possibility, but only after at a later stage a software update. This is remarkable, because a lot of today’s equipment can do this by default already.


In other areas, the XZ2 Premium improved compared to the ordinary XZ2. The screen has a 4K resolution and is slightly larger, there is more memory (6 GB t.o.v. 4 GB) and the battery capacity is higher (3540 mAh t.o.v. 3180 mAh). The processor is the same, namely, the latest Snapdragon 845 of Qualcomm.

A price is not yet known. But given the normal XZ2 already 799 euro cost, it will not be cheap. The device comes out in the summer.

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