Sony brings out muscle with the Spider-man game and retrieves ‘Resident Evil 2’ for Play Station 4

One of the great desires of the attendees at the conference of Sony Interactive Entertainment at E3 2018 has been met at the start of the gala with the unveiling of the first sequence of play of The Last of Us: Part II. The video begins by showing a Ellie more adult, which seems to enjoy a moment of leisure in a scene where you can admire the incredible work done by Naughty Dog in relation to the modeling of the faces and the animation of the facial expressions. Here, Ellie has already 19 years of age and has achieved stability by living with normal in Jackson. He has had the opportunity to forge long-lasting relationships. But when that peace is to see broken by a violent act, will be drawn to a journey of revenge, fueled by the need to mete out justice against those who acted, taking it to the limit. Ellie is played by Ashley Johnson, who join Dina, played by Shannon Woodward and Jesse, by Stephen Chang.

Immediately afterwards the video of the game starts to run in the thick night of a forest. A first approach to what looks like an enemy settlement, it allows us to check the mechanics of stealth that uses the character, combined with their characteristic bow, and a knife, before the situation degenerate and the action becomes much more frantic. The game systems are very similar to the original installment, with some improvements and nuances, it seems that in the sequel the villains this time are not infected, but other humans. These enemies are more dangerous and capable, using communication systems and scenarios to provide confrontations in which you have a combat more dynamic.


Sony Interactive Entertainment, and Activision want to anticipate the launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, the next title in the popular shooter franchise scheduled for October, so during the conference of Sony at E3 2018, it has been announced that the users of PlayStation Plus can add Call of Duty: Black Ops III to the collection of titles for this month within the Instant Game Collection. That is to say, all the subscribers to the service will be able to download the title at no additional charge for a limited time.

‘Ghost of Tsushima’

The event has been inundated with eastern elements with the presentation of the first demo of Ghost of Tsushima, the new project Sucker Punch for the PlayStation 4. An epic adventure of samurai open world game set during the Mongolian invasions of Japan in 1274. The story takes us to the world of feudal Japan, a time of war and violent change. Players will step into the skin of Jin Sakai, a powerful warrior whose adventure is inspired by the japanese history and traditions iconic cinema samurai to create a story of revenge and hope.

The study has chosen this particular sequence to capture some of the visions are essential to the game: a vast island of Tsushima, mongol invaders and fights that meets the objective of “Mud, blood and steel.” In the story, Jin fights with other samurai, a deadly onna-bugeisha called Masako. Joined forces to save your homeland from the invading mongols, but the personal story of Masako opens a gap in his relationship with Jin. As you can see in the video, this ends with a duel to the end. Masako and her story is one of the many secondary characters that form the plot. These characters will have an important role in the main story of Jin, but most of them will also have side quests and stories to explore. In fact, the demo that is presented is part of the story of Masako, an adventure parallel to the main path of the game.


‘Resident Evil 2’

Exactly as the rumors had pointed out, Capcom has confirmed the development of Resident Evil 2 Remake. Without a doubt, it is a return desired by the followers of the historical saga of survival horror. Together with the announcement it has been reported that a trailer with some cut scenes collected from the new version of the game, which shows several of the sequences are disturbing and unsettling that populate the work. As specified at the end of the video, the title will be available on PlayStation 4 starting on January 25, 2019 -currently have not materialised other platforms-.

The original release of 1998, which became one of the best-selling games from Capcom of all time and there are many elements that make the delivery so special: brought to terrifying zombies, strange weapons, bio-organic (BOWs) and the dangerous secrets of the Mansion Spencer to Raccoon City when a scary virus has infected the population, turning the metropolis into a wasteland infested with undead. But if you were expecting an exact adaptation of the game, maybe you should know that there will be some changes, for example: in the classic police department of Raccoon City, some parts of the station may seem familiar, but don’t let the similarities you fool. While many of the locations may have a design similar to the original game, this police station turned museum is full of surprises, as several puzzles to resolve and areas that are completely new to explore. It also incorporates a new camera over the shoulder that offers a different perspective in the narrow aisles, and in the huge lobby.



Remedy Entertainment, the developer of Finnish responsible of works such as Quantum Break and Alan Wake has introduced its new. It is about Control, that in addition to disclosing its first trailer, has announced plans estimated release. The first contact with the game reflects a thriller full of action starring Jesse Faden, a female character endowed with certain skills that will allow you to master the environment.

‘Control’ is an adventure of supernatural action with a promising cast of characters and the kind of twisted story that is expected to Remedy. The plot anticipates a turbulent past to Jesse Faden, something that finally has led her to New York, to a huge skyscraper known as the oldest House. Inside is the headquarters of a government agency secret known as the Federal Bureau of Control. From that point on things will go really bad for Jesse: the Agency will be invaded by a force of another world that corrupts everything in its way and kills the director. Through mysterious events, rituals, Jesse becomes the director, and prepares to face the Hiss with new supernatural abilities. It also has an element called a Service Weapon, a special weapon supernatural enhanced that can change shape at will.


‘Kingdom Hearts III’

The Pirates of the Caribbean return to Kingdom Hearts with the captain Jack Sparrow to the head. During the conference, Square Enix has confirmed that the most outstanding characters of the famous series film Disney will return to help Sora in Kingdom Hearts III, to which they are attached Hercules, Toy Story , or Frozen and many other universes as Disney.

In addition to revealing a new fragment of the gameplay, the new video is again showing some well-known figures. The trailer shows a sequence of naval combat on the high seas in the Black Pearl, but Sora also take the battle underneath the water and through the skies while you fight against the Sincorazón. In addition, the members of Organization XIII are back with their grim plans in search of a mysterious box. All as part of a big puzzle whose pieces the developer is japanese, has decided to split between the conferences of Microsoft, Sony, and its own presentation. For this conference in particular, in addition to confirming the universe of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ it has also been announced a special edition commemorative for the PlayStation 4 Pro, as well as a release that combines all the games in the series previously released on the platform within a single volume. In terms of the new adventure, is planned to reach PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of January 2019.


‘Nioh 2’

Another surprise has been delivered by Team Ninja with the confirmation of a sequel to, Nioh, where we will be able to explore an environment filled with demons and threats that have to combat with the arts of samurai. In any case, Nioh 2 has been presented to us by Koei-Tecmo with a short teaser trailer that, unfortunately, does not reveal many clues about the game itself, or allow you to get to know the platforms on which it will be available.


‘Death Stranding’

Death Stranding, the new Hideo Kojima, has been presented with its first demo of the game after receiving three trailers, cinematics, that we have been able to verify some elements of the game starring Norman Reedus. The sequence shows the protagonist with another character walking through what appears to be an open world with elements linked to the ecology. Later, we see the strange figures that marked the first trailers under a gameplay that reminds quite a horror game.

In this video, the first half and the last sequence in particular, are more representative of the gameplay for real (although the camera angle is altered in some points). According to the developer, Sam is unlike any other character seen before in a video game. A typical hero is usually someone of elite or with a military past. Sam does not. Is a type a hard worker and a practical professional. They have also revealed the name of the heroes of the game: Wagner and seydoux. Léa is a French actress, who has been involved among other films , Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. As for Lindsay, we have been able to see in his role as Jaime Sommers in The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman.


Marvel’s Spider-Man

After the new trailer for Death Stranding, the stage of the PlayStation Conference has also welcomed a new video of Marvel’s Spider-Man, which allows us to see in action some spectacular fights included in the game. As you can see in the trailer, the new sequence shows several fights against bosses like the Vulture, Scorpion and Rhino, as well as some clues about the game system, in addition to take a closer look at the technical aspect of the production.

In the demo you can see how things will become tough for Spider-Man to discover that the supervillanos that has captured during the last 8 years have escaped at the same time. Apparently, this is a key moment in the game, where the peace of New York has been violated when these villains escape from a complex of maximum security, the RAFT, near the shore of Manhattan.

Called attention as has been reflected faithfully the character of Rhino, the Scorpion (Scorpion), Vulture (Vulture) and Electro. These four enemies are attached to Mister Negative in the game and cooperate with a sixth villain that Spider-Man discovers shortly before the end of the video. All of them show up new and improved versions of their costumes. The game Insomniac Games has planned his arrival to the shops on the 7th of September 2018, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.


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