Spotify could announce major changes in its application

Some days ago I had commented that Spotify has prepared an event for next Tuesday, April 24 in the city of New York, where I was expected to present a new speaker intelligent, however, new information sent by the company to make reference to that event will be focused on important developments for your application.

It is likely that it will still be too soon to know the first draft of the hardware of the company, but it is very unlikely to be released this year. On the other hand, if we have seen a number of developments of software that the company has been testing in different countries and users, and it is likely that by the end, the company has list a handful of developments and changes to enhance the experience on the application.

Recall that some time ago, Spotify began testing a wizard within your application, in addition also launched an application called Stations which offered a distinct interface and simplified, and we must not forget the recent changes in the Android app at this time only the new users in some countries may enjoy.

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Everything seems to indicate that Spotify has obtained everything that you need to implement important changes based on their most recent experiments, and this announcement is likely to give next Tuesday.

Likewise, we must not forget that the company also prepares changes for users who are not payment, which could have much more control of the playback of songs and benefits, although it will display more advertising.

We will be attentive to what this Spotify next Tuesday and we will take all the details on this new announcement.

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