Startups mexicanas that make country and want a better country

Mexico is one of the countries with more entrepreneurs in Latin America, those who work in a variety of sectors. However, we wanted to make a special mention of some of the startups that mexican made great efforts to improve our country through technology and innovation.


Only in 2017 167,000 migrants were sent back to Mexico, only to find the reality they already knew. This will not decrease thanks to the government of Trump, but equally to the lack of economic conditions within our country.

Holacode is a startup mexican initiative social and technological that he found an opportunity to help those who are returning, to give them tools to also undertake. Through bootcamps or intensive courses of programming, migrants may have the tools to search for opportunities at home. The model of this startup allows the training to be free.

Higia Technologies

The incidence and mortality of breast cancer is on the increase and according to the INEGI ,the 99% of the cases suffering women.

This startup incubated at the Tec de Monterrey launched a bra called EVA, which helps to detect the breast cancer preventive. The device of Higia makes a diagnosis of the breasts of the woman and sends the information via an app to your oncologist.


According to the FAO, Mexico occupies the first place in childhood obesity and second in adult, maybe Xilinat can help.

This startup biotechnology provides benefits to the health with that has developed a natural sweetener is made with corn residue and Xylitol that helps to controls the levels of sugar in the blood, it is low in calories and protects the teeth against cavities.


This is the first platform that through an app, your website and social networks, connects to people in need of blood with donors and hospitals.

Currently, Blooders manages appointments in hospitals of Mexico City, Monterrey, Villahermosa and Puebla, but with clear plans of expansion to more cities in the country. and Partners.

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