Soon you can your hearing aid to connect with your Android smartphone

Google works together with the Danish GN Hearing to make Android more accessible for the hearing impaired. The mobile operating system will have support for hearing aids, that connects you via the energy efficient bluetooth low energy. So, you hear all audio through your hearing aid.

Report this to Google and GN Hearing in a blog post. The full, built-in Android support for hearing aids will be available in a future version of Android’, write the companies. Or that version 9.0 Pie, last week, came out, is unclear. We think that it is a newer version where still being worked on, for example, 9.1. According to GN Hearing of two hearing aids as well as first suitable for the Android-audio-support. At a later time, other manufacturers, their hearing aids support.

This is how it works

The audio technology is provided by Google ASHA called, which stands for Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids. Using the technology connects a suitable hearing aid via bluetooth low energy (LE) with a supported Android device. That seems to be in the first instance, a smartphone, though it is likely that tablets and other Android devices to follow. According to Google, is the audio connection between the Android device and the loopset is of high quality and is the impact on battery life is minimal.

All audio normally from the speaker of the smartphone, will be played through the hearing aid. Phone calls, YouTube videos, Facebook videos, but also music via Spotify is going so directly to the ear. That is good news for the 466 million hearing-impaired who are in the world, so calculated the world health organization last.

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