Super Mario Run to half price for a limited time

One of the mobile games that more of a stir caused since Nintendo announced that it would mobile devices was Super Mario Run, and despite the fact that the firm first launched the game on iOS, and months later on Android, the reviews did not wait after that many users argued that the price to pay for the game it was excessive to be a version so short of Mario.

This was one of the reasons that Nintendo is convinced that the best scheme to earn money with your mobile games was purchasing in-app or free-to-play, as is the case with titles such as Pokémon Go, or Fire Emblem Heroes.

However, the company nippon decided some months ago to launch a special offer on Mario Run for the users to buy the game at half price, and although we don’t know for sure if this promotion generated interest in the community, everything seems to indicate that yes it was, because Nintendo will put on offer the game for a limited time.

Super Mario Run

Will be next Saturday, march 10, until Sunday 25 march when we will be able to buy Super Mario Run at half price, that is to say, for just $99.99 MXN, as the regular cost for this title is $199 MXN.

For those who still have not played Super Mario Run, I explain to them that Nintendo only lets you play the first three levels of world 1, after that you have to pay to access all content, so you don’t have much case download it to play only 10 minutes.

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This means that if you buy the game you agree to all the levels of the 6 worlds, as well as other special content that will undoubtedly give you hours of fun. This offer will be available both for iOS as for Android, so that everyone will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

It is likely that the price for Super Mario Run you still seem very high despite the discount, but if you are a fan of the titles of Mario I think is a good opportunity to not miss this delivery to mobile devices.

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