T-Mobile takes over Tele2 about

T-Mobile takes competitor Tele2 for eur 190 million. Both parties hope this will be stronger against KPN and Vodafone, Ziggo.

“By pooling our resources with Tele2, we can much more efficiently compete and Dutch customers an alternative offer,” says T-Mobile CEO Søren Abildgaard. For customers of Tele2 means that in the near future become a customer of T-Mobile. They are also transferred to the 4G network of your provider.

The providers want the merger, among other ‘better offers’ on fixed internet/tv services, and it would also be positive for the realisation of an upcoming 5G network.

By the end of 2018

Before the merger can go through, should competition authorities there permission. The expectation is that by the end of 2018, a judgment is done about it. Only then can the acquisition be continued. Until that time, there is no change for customers of Tele2 and T-Mobile still nothing.

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