Taxis CDMX used app in the style of Uber and taxi meter, digital

Since some months ago, it announced that more than 138 thousand taxi drivers of the City of Mexico could adapt to the technology “L1BRE”, which would be linked to the security system and the relevant authorities of the CDMX through a panic button.

In addition to providing greater security to the inhabitants of the City of Mexico, the technology L1BRE aims to position the taxi drivers as stronger competitors compared to the digital alternatives already existing such as Cabify, Uber or soon-to Didi.

As reported our fellow Chilango, the taxi drivers of the CDMX are already about to be modernized, using tablets in place of the taximeters traditional of dubious reputation. A tablet will be for the driver and another for the passenger.

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Recently, it was made official the announcement that the taxi drivers of the capital to begin to engage with new technologies in addition to improving the service, will allow users to connect through their social networks… do we really need that? We don’t know, but at least we have the certainty that the taxi drivers are ready to Polish this alternative mobility.

L1BRE installed and tested the tablets during its pilot phase in more than 1,500 units since two years ago, but it will be in may when the 138 thousand taxi drivers registered with the Secretariat of Mobility begin to operate with the app, and the taximeter digital.

What would be the advantages of L1BRE in the taxis of the CDMX?

By integrating this new technology, passengers will be able to use a panic button that is linked with the C5 (Control Center, Command, Communication, Computing, and Quality) for increased safety when transported. In this way, the C5 will be able to place each unit in case of an accident.

When you work through geo-location, passengers will be able to choose their own paths to improve routes. However, there is still the possibility to stop any taxi on the street, but there will probably be those who prefer to do it from an application.

The taxi drivers will have until 31 march 2019 to upgrade your units with the tablet; otherwise, you could be fined for failing to comply with the new regulations Semovi.

Taxis have been around since time immemorial, but until now had not had a modernization concise, nor a technological adaptation relevant. Do you consider that the implementation of L1BRE could improve the service in terms of safety and reliability?

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Do you trust more in this possibility of mobility?

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