We tell you the curious Story of the woman who gave a Hippopotamus for Christmas more than 65 years ago

Every year, at this time, the carols and Christmas songs fill our around. The christmas songs get put in the head and you end up odiándolas deeply, but the only one that lasts, year after year, gaining followers in the last 6 decades, it is the song of the hippo.

Gayla Peevey was only 10 years old when, in 1953, became a star thanks to a christmas carol. Peevey sang the first, and most popular version until now, the success of “I Want a hippopotamus for Christmas“, which became a hit at the time.

Do you want a hippopotamus for Christmas?

The song came in all the homes and Peevey would not stop telling the world that wanted a hippo for Christmas. The single got a position 24 on the BillBoard during that month, but the christmas carol has lasted in our memories for more than 60 years.

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What most people don’t know is if the small Peevey got it or not, hippopotamus these christmases.

Got Peevey their hippopotamus for Christmas?

Te contamos la curiosa Historia de la mujer a la que regalaron un Hipopótamo por Navidad hace más de 65 años

The zoo of Oklahoma not squandered the opportunity and began a collection of national money for that Peevey had his hippopotamus christmas. In just one month, the zoo got more than us $ 3,000 (about 30,000 today) and got a baby hippo that was called Matilda.

The breeding of the hippopotamus is the “gift” to Peevey, which was donated immediately to the zoo to be raised by there. Matilda was happy in his new home for 45 long years.

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To Peevey still surprises him that his song continue today, but is delighted, and your house still has several figures of hippos that remind you of your great hit.

What is your christmas carol favorite? Do you hate the christmas carols?

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