We tell you what data to delete from Facebook to protect you

While many people are choosing to remove your account from Facebook by the scandal of Cambridge Analytica, the vast majority continue to opting for the biggest social network in the world and learn many things. If you are one of them, the colleagues of Chilango enlisted in the data that it is advisable to delete to make your profile even more secure against all those who seek to use your information.

What House of Cards predicted the scandal of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica?

So if you want to boost a little more your safety, we recommend deleting this data:

  • Location

Some users tend to post on Facebook each and every place you visit during the day, whether it be your favorite coffee shop, the beach, work, or the bathroom of the home of his grandmother.

Although this function serves very well to show off tooodos the places you visit, it could also be counterproductive, especially if you have as “friends” to unknown people. Can you imagine that someone you don’t know know exactly in what place are you?

  • Data on children

Many of them love to boast about the achievements of their children in social networks, peeero is not always a good idea to upload 100 photos a day, and neither do things that could reveal the school in which you are enrolled or where they live.

  • Photos revealing

We’re not talking about luscious photos, but to others who might reveal information such as your ticket or travel details similar.

  • Credit card details

While it is very practical to place our banking details in some apps to make purchases, is a bad idea to have in any section of Facebook information about your credit card or any type of bank account.

  • Your birthday

Although it is well father receiving hundreds of congratulations on the day of your birthday, your date of birth could be used to obtain other personal data. In addition, if you remove it you can test your friends to see who remembers when you were born.

  • Phone number

Do you receive annoying messages or any type of harassment? No, thank you.

  • Eliminate your “friends”

Do you remember when your mom said not to talk with strangers? Well, maybe you should make a exercise of consciousness and thinking if tooodos the “friends” you have on Facebook that are trusted. And remember “too much eye”.