We will explain to you what is the “Lash Tab” and what is it used for the typical diamond that have the backpacks

Many of the backpacks of the past few years appear to be made following the same pattern, regardless of the brand and the price, and the majority of them carry this distinctive diamond stitched in the center of the same. With colors more or less eye-catching, this is a common element in all of the backpacks, but…

What does the diamond with two openings?

Te explicamos qué es el "Lash Tab" y para qué sirve el típico diamante que tienen las mochilas

Most of the users believe that it is a single brand of backpacks and, in interpreting it as a logo, you have not been given a use. This piece is so curious is called “Lash Tab” (Tab whip) and is not just ornamental, it has a very peculiar.

Serves to pass any type of rope, cord or similar for their orifcios and hang items of your backpack that does not fit into the interior, or who simply prefer to stay outside.

This accessory is used in the backpacks of hiking to hang up the boots climbing while wearing the cat’s feet, but they serve perfectly for your sneakers to get out of the gym.

Te explicamos qué es el "Lash Tab" y para qué sirve el típico diamante que tienen las mochilas

Don’t force a lot of the invention, that despite having a diamond-shape, is made of leather and can not hold all the weight of the world. Can hold shoes, sports or even roller skates, but don’t hang up a whole backpack of it or it will break.

Backpacks Heritage have popularized this accessory and many brands have copied, looking to imitate the brand rather than its functionality.

Jamie Cormack, co-founder of the brand Herschel, says that, “originally, it was designed to carry the peak of ice, but we keep it as a nod to the past and our origins.”

Did you even know the real use of this particular diamond? Have you ever hung something from him?

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