We reveal 10 secrets that no owner of a casino wants you to know

Bright neon lights, beautiful people that you smile, a luxury lifestyle, easy money: all this we tend to associate it with a casino. But what is so brilliant after all? We are sure that there are some facts you didn’t know about the gambling houses and the way they make you spend money.

In Great.guru we collect a list of 10 secrets that no owner of casinos you will ever.

10. The bright lights and dynamic music will make you bet at a faster pace.

Have you ever wondered why the inside of all the casinos there are a countless number of bright lights and eye-catching details? Well, this is just one of the many tricks they use to spend more. Psychologists say that the red lights and the fast music will push the players to make decisions faster and ultimately, spend more money.

9. The more people per table, the slower the game is.

Professional players, surprisingly, choose to play in full tables. And they have several reasons for this. In the first place, more people at the table means a game slower, with more time to think. In addition, prizes of complimentary (free drinks, for example) are typically linked to the amount of time that a player spends in a casino.

8. The security is everywhere, even if you don’t see it.

Have you ever seen a movie of theft at a casino? Well, how easy would it be? You probably couldn’t plot a plan to take the money out of the casino and this is due to the security system you have. No, we’re not talking about those kinds polished of the input. The video cameras are spread around the casino, in addition to having a facial recognition system that immediately shows who you are, your financial status and if you are tied with someone else in the casino at that particular moment in time.

7. The tabs larger make losing more palatable.

The casino encourage you to take chips larger instead of smaller chips. It is tied to psychology. The more chips great make spending a lot easier, because you’d rather throw a tab of $25 to have 5 chips of $5.

6. There are No clocks or windows in most casinos.

It is easy to lose track of time in a casino. One of the reasons is that there are generally no clocks or windows to tell you how much time you take in. The game will devour and stay in a casino becomes longer than expected. Therefore, you spend more money.

5. Don’t play keno…

The chances of winning in keno are terribly little, it will be better to donate your money instead. But if you decide to play keno, keep in mind that you’re literally putting money on fire. Seriously, no one could match the 20 numbers on a ticket of 20 points. The odds of meeting a unicorn are more attractive.

4. …or roulette.

The wheel big and bright in the center of a casino looks attractive, and tempts many people to try their luck. Roulette occupies the largest space than any machine that you find in the living room, but the odds of winning are really small (even though they are more attractive than those of the keno). The machines less attractive in places less centrally located within the casino they are a better option.

3. The environment is the key.

How we can escape all these details? It is very simple, the casino makes you feel well attended, with music, soft lights and a cozy feeling of comfort. The sófas are pleasant and the patterns of the carpet you choose in detail with lines, swirls and splashes. Along with everything else puts a person in a trance-like state.

2. Location, location, location.

Have you ever noticed that to get to the bathroom or to the dining room or to change your chips have to pass through rows of tempting slot machines and game tables? The trick of locating all the services in places less accecibles makes you stop and spend more money on your way to anywhere.

1. Victoria occasional

Nothing keeps alive your hopes as to see a happy face next to you. If someone can win, “I can too”. It is the old trick of always. Unfortunately, the risk of losing is so high and the chances of winning are so slim, that really you should ask yourself if it is worth risking both.

We don’t have anything against fun, but Great.guru , we ask you not to lose your head in the game. Play safe!

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