Tele2: From the end of January lower 3G speed

Tele2 lowers as of January 31, 2018, the maximum up – and download speed of 3G internet for 2 Mb/s. The hope is that more and more customers switching to 4G. They were informed of the change via a newsletter.

According to the provider is 3G each time less used. One speaks then also of a backup network, of which ‘the data traffic step-by-step reversed’. The phase-out of 3G was at Tele2 previously used. At the beginning of this year it became clear that new customers were required a 4G device to use.

Not the only one

Tele2 is not the only provider that will say goodbye to 3G. Vodafone is going to things more rigorously to work and chops down the network completely, but only as from 2020. Recently it was announced that Tele2 compatible with T-Mobile. If the acquisition is approved, it is hoped that the attention to be able to focus on the roll-out of a new 5G network.

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