Fashion trends that have become dominant, but they are already fed up to the whole world

Few people will want to get rid of your skirt favorite bought just a few months ago, especially if it was a success last season and racked up hundreds of “likes” on Instagram. But, unfortunately, some trends become common very quickly and begin to cause some irritation.

In we analyzed forums of fashion, we interviewed our friends and we discover the modern tendencies that take them out of their boxes to most people. Here is a list of 10 items that are boring and interesting options to replace them.

1. Average mesh together with jeans bored

The trend of blatant seized control of the streets of the cities last summer, but since it was completely outdated. It is difficult to add anything fundamentally new to this set, so that the image rebel original it quickly became something common.

But it is still not the time has come to give away socks to your grandmother to keep the garlic or throw in the trash the jeans are bored. Separately, these garments remain current. The main thing is to keep track of the size and the number of holes in the jeans. If it is very hot, it is best to wear shorts. And the medium mesh are novel non-standard tones in combination with skirts and dresses to mini length.

2. Cangurera

We must admit that, at first, we were also perplexed by the sudden transformation of a simple accessory of fishermen in the main pouch of this year. Then, like many, we appreciate its comfort, but, obviously, not just us, because the bags of waist literally flooded the streets.

Those who are also tired of this trend, can be replaced with new models this summer: bags of rattan or bags-transparent. Yes, now you’re going to have your hands full, but you can separate yourself from the herd of marsupials.

3. Style dress lencero

Without a doubt, the seductive dress shirts and the tops of satin with spaghetti straps have become a solution for women who love the images flirty without vulgarity. But, if the shirts are thin and smooth still look modern, the long shirts of lace already serve only to sleep. You can replace the dresses, stunning, style lencero with the sarafán flying. The same thin straps, the same lightness, but it is among the latest trends of the fashion world.

4. Jacket Bomber

This lightweight jacket was loaned to you by the fashion houses of the american pilots, was decorated with all kinds of patterns and applications, and thrown on the shoulders of the whole world. It is indisputable, the usefulness of the garment, but it is very common. Despite the apparent diversity of variations of the jacket, all have the same cut and is easily recognizable. Fortunately, there are various ways of replacing it. For example, jackets jeans oversize color avoid you to miss among the crowd. In addition, they are an undeniable trend of the spring-summer 2018.

5. Embroidered

Embroidery of dragons or birds of paradise with flowers can be seen in new collections of different brands, but the popularity of the garments with details like is going down constantly. People are already tired of the jeans with embroidered flowers and shirts with rustic style ubiquitous. Yes, they are cute, but because they look too simple.

We propose to replace the embroidery with the trend of the past few months: clothing with inscriptions. The assortment is huge: from slogans hard and challenging till a couple of words in a foreign language. In addition, you can always customize a t-shirt or a dress with an entry made by yourself. And, however, just in case: keep in mind that the inscriptions with the names of the trademarks are still in bad taste.

6. Pajamas

In real life, very few people will put a set of silk classic sleep, but hundreds of followers of fashion have been considered your duty to acquire one of these to exit.

Unfortunately, this image of “relaxed” is not easy to use. Pajamas rarely are combined with the hairstyle and makeup careful and look appropriate only in the morning hours. Therefore, very few managed to fit organically into your wardrobe.

In the present the saga pijamera is approaching its end, but the passion for loose-fitting clothing continues. This summer, all the followers of the comfort, should fix his attention on the pants palazzo loose and light: it is a garment, refined and very comfortable to wear in any occasion.

7. Choker necklace

The chokers they used to appear periodically on the necks of women throughout the history of fashion: in ancient Egypt, during the Renaissance, in the years 80. In 2016, the world is reminded once again this elegant necklace. And, it seems that the time came to put him away again until the arrival of better times. This applies not only to the accessory but also to the dresses and blouses with necklaces.

Now, when the fashion becomes more minimal, many choose dangling tiny strings and thin necklaces laconic. Such decorations are in keeping with the modern times, and look much more elegant.

8. Laces crossed

Blouses, bodys adjusted, tops in crochet, dresses — the lace in the place of the neck appeared in many garments. Both in front and behind. This list also includes corsets loose, girls love to put over their shirts and t-shirts.

Without a doubt it’s an item wonderful and flirty. However, it is time to remove: there are already too many girls who, in the course of the year, have decided to impress others with their emancipation. And if you want to add an item unusual to the clothes, better than a zipper.

9. Boots mosqueteras

The recent wave of popularity of this shoe caused an obsession among fashionistas. The fans seem to have thrown the competition to get the boots higher and shortest skirt. At the beginning, the boots mosqueteras were pretty insidious, especially when combined with a high heel; a lot of people associate these boots with the adult film.

For all the world is clear: the boots keep the feet warm, but maybe it’s better if you purchase socks, and switch to the boots endless for ankle boots or elegant for boots rustic. Also, the version is always current are the motorcycle boots with a durable tractor that will help you to create a bold face, but you run the risk of making you look vulgar.

10. Skirt-tutu

It is curious to know if they lowered the sales of tickets for the ballet when every second woman of fashion decided to feel like a princess, buying a skirt-tutu. We hope not. In any case, now you don’t have to worry about the income of the dancers: the skirts of air again became their privilege.

And for the rest, the designers have prepared the pleated skirts mini. They are not worse by adding femininity to the image of a girl, but are appropriate for most situations.

Well, have you ever found yourself or someone you know in this list? Share in the comments what trends you already have tired, and will send you the unit of police officers of fashion to restore order.

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