Trends in japanese that are too strange to be real

The “Land of the Rising Sun” is majestically beautiful and charming, we have no doubts. It has an impressive ancient culture, friendly people and breathtaking landscapes. However, for those in the west, sometimes seems to be a country too strange, and we did not manage to understand some of their customs and tendencies, such as his addiction to the application of filters that they enlarge the eyes to sizes ends, or your love for beauty items facial. has compiled 10 trends of this beautiful country, which might seem too crazy to be real. Get ready to enjoy!

1. Decorate

You can easily understand what it is about this style, since its name comes from the English word “decoration”. It originated in the late 90’s, and was very popular in the decade of 2000, but now that trend has returned with a renewed vigour.

The makeup is, at its most, designed for that people who dress in that style look like children. But the most interesting part begins when we speak of accessories. These are brilliant and everyone should take many of them . And when we say “many”, we mean it! The followers of this trend used to everything: the stickers for the face, glitter, hairpins, barrettes, hair ties, bracelets, necklaces, socks colorful, socks, and leg warmers and arms… it basically, everything you can find and use to display your inner child to the world!

2. Ganguro

If you’ve ever heard that white skin is considered beautiful in Japan, you’ll be surprised by this trend. Faces “tanned”, hair light (typically orange, blond, or gray), and touches of white make-up on the lips, the front part of the nose, and the area around the eyes.

Add to that the false lashes, crystals face, bright costumes, and you’ll get the look ganguro! As with the previous style, numerous striking accessories are welcome in this trend.

3. Applications of filters facial

The asians, especially the japanese, are fond of the tricks to enlarge your eyes. Used in everything from contact lenses to cosmetic surgeries. The era of Instagram brought with a new trend: the filters facial. Not only help to make the eyes look great, but even perfect the skin, making it look soft and shiny.

4. Kigurumi

I’ll bet that you know this trend because it is popular outside of Japan. These pajamas animal style are part of the street fashion of that country, are used by men and women, and we’re not talking about just teens, as the adults also love them.

Another trend called “animegao kigurumi”, is a phenomenon more interesting even. Also known as “cosplay”, is that people use makeup or masks that cover their whole heads in order to mimic their favorite characters from anime and video games. In addition, they also use costumes to resemble even more to them.

5. Facial masks

If you want to compliment an asian, tell him that you have a beautiful skin. Japan is known for producing numerous products for face care. Here you can find facial masks unusual with effect of a sauna, artifacts of training facial, tools for doing massage, and other things like that.

This particular mask is a type of exercise for your face. It is designed to help remove wrinkles, tone the cheeks and improve blood circulation. It seems pretty rare, but the human would do anything to look younger.

6. Shironuri

The word shironuri means “painted white”, so here really we are still talking about the skin. The clothing is not so important: you can use an attire that is traditional japanese-style lolita victorian-inspired or any other trend of clothing. The key here is the white skin, whether it is made up with beauty products, or covered with cloths clear. In the extremities, are often used in accessories such as gloves, for example.

7. Coaches for eyelids

Here there is another trend which is crazy that it has to do with the eyes. This device is designed to make a double eyelid, and is intended for those who want to look like “european” without resorting to surgery.

How about a motto? “Oh, 5 minutes of flicker per day keep you away from the surgeon!”. Oh, just olvidémoslo…

8. Donuts to the front

This trend was brought to Japan from Canada. This is an injection of saline solution with temporary effect, that goes away completely in 24 hours, and is used mainly in the underground scene (cultural manifestation against the current). Although there is a growing trend (it is expensive, after all), there is. It seems creepy, don’t you think?

9. Templates of lipstick

Look at that! Have you ever had problems when you apply the lipstick? If so, this device seems like a step towards a better future. It is not perfect, but who knows… The template is part of a real trend, even though it is not a fashion in itself.

We are talking of “chindogu”, which literally means “tools unusual”, and that are considered to be simple solutions to the everyday problems most common. These inventions are, in their majority, rare, and useless, but who cares, if they are completely ingenious?

10. Backpack with shoulder straps for breasts

This trend was initiated in may 2018, for a cosplayer japanese call Yui Okada, and is simply a new way of carrying a backpack. This girl says that is a method that is safe and comfortable, and even published some images of “how to carry a bag with shoulder straps in breasts” just to demonstrate that it is something completely harmless…

What do you think about the latest trend? What would you attempt to carry your backpack in such a way? Speaking of other points in our list, some of the fads mentioned are famous even outside of Japan. Have you ever met a follower of the trend ganguro or kigurumi? It tell us in the comments below!

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