Tesla withdraws more than 100 thousand vehicles 6 days after the fatal accident the engineer of Apple

Nearly a week after the fatal accident in which died an engineer from Apple when your Tesla Model X impact against the safety barrier of highway 101 in Mountain View, California, the company led by Elon Musk, has decided to withdraw 123,000 vehicles on the market.

This is the Tesla Model S, one of the vehicles most sold and popular of the company, however, the company has released a press release and sent an e-mail to their customers that mention that 123 thousand unicdades built before April 2016 are affected by a problem of excessive corrosion on the bolts of the power steering.

The problem is not critical, but dangerous, because according to the company, if the bolts fail, the driver can still drive the car, but it requires a greater force due to the loss or reduction of the electrical assistance. However, the company reports that until the day of today there has been no accident associated with this failure.

Reveal video of the fatal accident of the autonomous car of Uber

In the same email, Tesla makes it clear that this problem is prevalent in cold climates, and that affected customers will be notified when you can spend to repair your car to any of the points officers of the company, which it is estimated that the repair does not take more than an hour.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

What has this to do with the fatal accident of the Model X?

Summing up the facts, let us recall that last Friday, the 23rd of march, Walter Huang, who was an engineer from Apple for 39 years, lost his life after his Tesla to hit against the bar of safety on the road when on his way to work.

However, the car accident is a Tesla Model X, while the cars affected are the Tesla Model S. According to the police investigation, it is likely that the car was being driven by the autopilot, so that the problem that Tesla is warning its customers has nothing to do with the accident of Mountain View, as a course failure in the conduction system of autonomous could be repaired even with an update, unless the problem is quite serious, but if this were the case, a company with the reputation of Tesla it seems to me that it would be sincere with their clients and the media.

Tesla Model X accidente

Tesla Model X crashed in Mountain View.

The autopilot was failing constantly at the same point

As mentioned the family of Walter Huang, he had complained at least 7 times that the autopilot always failed at the point where you had the accident, mentioning that the car turned towards the bar security always passing by there.

Hold the auto-pilot Tesla for fatal accident of a driver

The police of time has not been completed if the auto-pilot Tesla is responsible for this accident, because remember that 2 years ago there was a similar event, however, it was determined that the driver did not take control of the vehicle despite the fact that the system is requested repeatedly.

For its part, Tesla mentioned that their cars have used auto-pilot on that same stretch of road approximately 85,000 times so far, since they launched the feature in 2015, and that their customers spend the same stretch using the auto-pilot approximately 200 times per day.

Still have to wait and see how it concludes the investigation by the police, as in the case of Tesla is guilty of this situation, it is likely that the future of driving autonomous take an unexpected turn.

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