Intelligence Test of 10 questions that has nothing to do with the test of IQ

In the network are very popular options to the test of IQ. Usually, its creators adorn the results so that users get what they wanted: the security of his above-average intelligence. In addition, the tests of IQ are criticized by the same scientists for being a tool imperfect to measure a phenomenon as complex as human intelligence. believes that it is totally normal that all want to prove how smart we are, but we give you a whole different approach.

What would you do in these cases?

1. Your daughter began to get bad grades in math. What will you do?

2. You are building a house. Will you do it all on your own, rewarding the lack of knowledge with your enthusiasm, or you will call specialists?

Do you agree with the following statements?

3. My boss insists on giving a master class

4. If I have free time…

5. When I have economic problems, I think…

6. Do you think that there are useless knowledge?

7. What would you do in this situation?

8. How well do you know the people?

9. Do you know how to predict the future?

10. Do you solve your problems as they arise or do you think that it is best to think of everything in advance?

  • If you did the right thing in all or in most of the situations proposed, you are very intelligent. You are going to the grain, you respect the feelings of others and to know that the person who overestimates his forces will not achieve success. Accept your imperfection and this makes you basically invulnerable.
  • If you did the right thing in less than half of these situations, you have a hard time being impartial on some issues. It is easy to convince you that you involve yourself with an adventure of dubious. Maybe you are not mature enough emotionally to be able to analyze the consequences of your actions.

Bonus: which one of these girls seems to be the most happy?

  • А: your left hemisphere is more developed than the right. You do well in mathematics and other exact sciences, the study of foreign languages, the logic. Your emotions do not influence your judgment.
  • В: your right hemisphere is more developed than the left. You recognize easily the emotions of others. You can have talents related to music and drawing. You have an imagination and well developed.

Do you agree with the results of this test?

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