Test: can You unmask the offender?

Great.guru has prepared for you a story about a crime without solving that you can unravel easily if you pay attention to interesting details.

Tip: each suspect has a motive, but only those who love you more are guilty.

We don’t know who do you prefer, Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, but now you can also feel a real detective.

In a neighbourhood large of a city, by night to kidnap the cats (including exotics). In most cases, there is no evidence of theft, with the exception of the expensive accessories of the same pets. All the animals are of different sex, colour and race.

The neighbors are discouraged, all they care about their kittens.

To understand the logic of the criminal, the police tend a trap. Bring a man to the police station covering his face for the press to fall. The purpose of the operation is to cause the perpetrator to commit the crime again, to demonstrate which caught on to another person. 12 volunteers of families living in the area receive training and instructions on how to behave in case of the appearance of the offender.

The trap worked. There was a kidnapping. The cat is saved, but the criminal managed to escape. The owner of the cat told him that he was of low stature, he had put on a light suit and she managed to start a button of his jacket. He also recalled that he had an engagement ring in his hand. But everything was as fuzzy.

The management was not in accordance with the operation, as the defenseless animals were at risk. They named a new commissioner. It turned out to be a friend of the former commissioner, who has a constant competition.

But the former commissioner continued the research on your own. Came to discover that the button of the jacket was not produced in mass, but that was done by a company that sews costumes to measure. In the city there are only about 50 people who ordered these costumes. The tailor recognized the outfit manufactured by a piece of cloth and I went to the police the names of buyers. Only one person responded to the description of the witness.

The police came to her home, but he was sleeping because he felt bad due to cardiovascular disease and also due to an allergy that suffers during a long stay in the same room with cats. They were received by his wife, she was sorting out some herbs for her treatment, because she recognizes only the popular medicine. On the table was the book “folk Medicine: treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Beneficial effect of the feline placental mammals of the order Carnivore”. The staff asked to inspect the closet. But it was not the suit of the fabric they were looking for. The man told that he had really asked for a suit, but I burned a week ago with a cigarette and gave it to a hobo.

Discovered that once a month the suspect was visiting his mother, who lived alone in the same area of the city. His parents were divorced. His father is a taxidermist. Rarely speaks with his son, sometimes he comes to visit. Your mother is not happy with the early marriage of his son and with his wife, who replaced her. She believes that her son is special and can do everything for him. And that your wife is a useless and even is able to earn the bread of every day, and even tries to kill his son with the popular medicine.

The owner of the cat stolen hesitated, but said that the suspect looked like the person she had seen. The costume was the hobo on the rambla and the sleeve was burnt. That is to say, the suspect was not lying and really he had been burned.

What, then, arrested the wrong person?

But in your department found in the hair and there was no trace of pet ownership. The suspect remained behind bars until clarification of all circumstances.

In the evening, there was a call to the police. A new crime. A pet, the same area, the same pattern of crime.

But the former commissioner already knows who is guilty. What about you were you able to solve the crime? Who do you think is involved in the kidnappings?

1. The father

The reason: the love for his profession, the desire to have a beautiful animal dissected.

2. The tramp

The reason: theft of accessories.

3. The mother

The reason: to remove the suspicions about his son. Committed the last crime when her son was arrested to prove his innocence.

4. The wife of the suspect

The reason: the desire to help her husband with the help of alternative medicine. Also for the sale of cats and in this way demonstrate to the mother of the suspect, his financial independence.

5. The suspect

The reason: to prevent cardiovascular diseases. And also, as his wife, to prove to his mother that he can have financial independence.

6. The new commissioner

The reason: to win to his friend and at the same time his old rival.

Who is involved in the kidnapping?

(Multiple options are possible)


The wife of the suspect

But not to sell cats, but rather to help her husband with his cardiovascular disease. She believes that the popular medicine is highly effective. Used the suit of her husband so that no one thought of her, and became upset when her husband burned.

The suspect was not aware of their actions. The wife said that he had asked for help from their friends.

The mother

I wanted to draw the suspicions of his child and committed the last crime.

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