Does it make sense to apply for a personal loan online?

All the world has needed an injection of extra capital at some point in their life. The personal work is not always enough to cover certain expenses, and if you do not have savings there is only one solution: ask in a personal loan.

Until a few years ago, this type of loan required visits to the bank and make such arrangements as complex. Today, and thanks to the internet, the personal loans can be managed comfortably from home. The majority of banking entities have tools online that allow you to know exactly fees, deadlines and commissions. From here, you just have to register as a client and initiate the processing of the personal loan online.


A personal loan is a contract between a bank and an individual, whereby the entity advances to the client, called the borrower, a certain amount of money. The latter will have the obligation to pay this money back within a time period and need to pay some extra amounts in respect of commission and expenses of management.

The amounts can be variable; usually ranging from 300 € up to €25,000, depending on the entity. The conditions vary in function of the banks, some institutions online offer interest very competitive rates to customers who bring their payroll; it is also possible to save on commissions of study and opening.

The periods of return are also variable and often adapt to the needs of the client. Typically, banks offer flexible terms that can range from 12 months to 5 years.

Personal loans what is the purpose?

The personal loans are not designed for the acquisition of goods of a value of very high. For example, the acquisition of a home is financed with mortgage loans, which have characteristics very different. Among the most frequent destinations of the personal loans we can highlight:

Buying a car

Financing a vehicle is the typical case of application of a personal loan. On average, these products can cost around € 20,000 and the formula of the personal loan is the best fit, both by the amount of the monthly installments as repayments. These financial products can be handled by going to the bank itself, whether physical or online, although many car dealerships work with their own financial.

Studies and masters

Higher studies and master’s degree are not within the reach of all the world, that is why it is usual to finance them with the help of a personal loan. These products are especially helpful when you want to access to studies abroad, in addition to the academic work force to pay for stay, travel and meals.

Medical treatments, cosmetic and orthodontic

All aesthetic interventions, simple as they are, require a considerable investment of money. To be performed in private clinics, the budget is usually high so that many customers come to personal loans. The same is true of orthodontics with certain medical treatments that are not covered by Social Security.

Miscellaneous purchases

Musical instruments, mobile phones of last generation, travel abroad… are other products on the market that typically acquired the particular with the help of funding.

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