Shyness Botany: The curious phenomenon of “shame” among the trees

It is called shyness botany to a phenomenon that occurs naturally in some species of tree where the higher branches to avoid touching each other. Has a visual effect quite surprising, because it creates borders that resemble rivers or cracks but in the sky. This phenomenon was observed for the first time in 20 years, although we still don’t really know why that happens.

According to scientists, the reason of shyness botany only occurs in some tree species such as eucalyptus, larch Japan, and coniferous Spruce of Sitka. There are some who believe that this phenomenon could be due to the rustle of the trees with others, causing a “pruning” between them.

Others think that these cracks allow the passage of light needed for other plants that grow below. This is achieved because the plants are able to perceive how close they are to the rest of the trees. They do so thanks to the photoreceptor phytochrome that are able to detect the specific frequency of light.

Timidez Botánica: El curioso fenómeno de la "vergüenza" entre los árboles

But until now, the explanation that is more convincing is that these cracks prevent that certain insects harmful to the trees to reproduce. Researchers have found that shyness botany does not occur in young trees and low height, but that appears later, when the trees grow in height and are able to sway with the wind.

For example, the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, is one of the thousands of places where you can enjoy this phenomenon that we know as shyness botany.

Timidez Botánica: El curioso fenómeno de la "vergüenza" entre los árboles

Although we do not yet know really the reason, it is an amazing phenomenon, and, admirable as it arises matter-of-factly, making believe that there is an artistic direction in all phenomenon.

Did you even know this phenomenon? Have you been able to enjoy its wonderful beauty live?

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