Types of clay and how to take advantage of its great benefits

Green, white, red… clay has been used since ancient times due to its healing properties. More and more brands of cosmetics that add this mineral to their products, especially facial care. However, there are many medicinal uses and the properties that give us the different types of clay. Do you want to know it? I read on!

If you are one of those that continues to believe that the clay is a thing of potters, in Great.guru I discovered the properties of this mineral and the benefits that you will get if you use it correctly.

Types of clay

There are several types of clays and each one has some different properties. While all agree in their anti-inflammatory power, depending on the problem to be treated, we should opt for one type or another.

  • Green clay: rich in magnesium, silica and potassium. It is the most used due to its numerous properties: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, detoxifying, antifungal, and healing.
  • White clay: composed of silicon and aluminum, is considered to be the clay more pure. Has antibacterial properties, anti-inflammatory and healing properties.
  • Red clay: its color is due to the high iron oxide content. This type of clay helps to cure the stiffness and inflammation in joints, also decreases the body temperature.
  • Pink clay: is a mixture of red clay and white. It is used especially to make masks and facial hair.
  • Black clay: has a healing effect and regenerating in the skin. It also helps with the muscle problems.

Uses of the clay

The clay can be used in various ways, it all depends on the ailments or problems that we wish to relieve.

  • Poultice: thanks to the ability of this material to conduct heat, it is very useful to make poultices that act on the affected area. Its usage is very simple, you just need to create a paste with clay and water (if possible mineral), and put this mixture on the body part that you want to address. If the condition makes the skin is hot, how, for example, an infection, we have to make a poultice cold. If, on the contrary, what you need to our problem is heat, as in sprains, trauma or abscesses, you should heat the water before mixing.
  • Masks: it is the perfect way to end the skin problems. It is used especially in the skin of the face, but you can use it all over the body. Just apply a thin layer of clay mixed with water and wait for it to dry. Removed after with plenty of lukewarm or cold water.
  • Bathrooms: are primarily used to relieve joint-related problems. The only thing you have to do is to use a clay of a fine powder that you add to the water of your bath. You can immerse the whole body or only the part where you suffer from the pain.
  • Ingested: it is safer to use in treatment, and external eating, especially if you have bowel problems, since they can cause an intestinal blockage or constipation. Before eating ask an expert whether it would be advisable in your specific case.

Benefits of the clay

1. Helps to clear acne

The clay is a perfect product to remove the impurities from our skin and reduce inflammation and bacteria own of acne. You can use any type of clay to get a mask.

  • Mixing an amount of clay with mineral water to form a kind of paste.
  • If you want to increase your properties, add a few drops of lemon or essential oil of tea tree.
  • Use this mask three days a week for it to be effective.

2. Relieves joint pain

Problems like sprains, arthrosis, rheumatisms or arthritis, can improve with the use of warm clay. We can choose or combine the poultice on the affected area with the bathrooms. Keep in mind that the water must always be hot for to help improve the pain and the inflammation. You have to apply clay every day to notice the improvement.

3. Eliminates skin infections

Thanks to its antibacterial and antifungal, the clay can remove infections that appear on our skin, such as, for example, abscesses. This mineral has the ability to absorb toxic substances until you delete them completely. To do this, you should apply it in mode hot poultice, or through a thin layer directly on the skin.

4. Improvement of oedema and trauma

The powers of anti-inflammatory of the clay make it the perfect treatment for edema and trauma. It should be applied in the form of a poultice using warm water at least once a day. You’ll notice less pain and swelling.

5. Prevents aging of the skin

Thanks to its regenerative properties, the clay is an excellent treatment for anti-aging. This mineral removes dead skin cells of our skin and activates cell regeneration. In addition, the minerals (magnesium, copper, and zinc) help to eliminate wrinkles by producing collagen and elastin.

To take advantage of this benefit of the clay, use it as a mask once a week.

6. Low fever

Apply a poultice of cold clay, or put the body in warm water with clay dissolved, helps the body temperature to lower. For the fever to go down, there you go changing the poultice every little time, because it will dry up by the heat given off by the body.

7. Improves kidney problems

The application of poultices hot clay on our kidneys help to eliminate the potential for kidney stones. It also relieves the pain of these organs and reduces inflammation.

8. Eliminates the athlete’s foot

For its antifungal properties, the clay is a very useful method to kill the fungus of the feet. Combines the foot baths with a powder clay that you’ll apply on the infected area. In addition to removing fungi and other possible infections, this talc will keep your feet perfectly dry.

9. Improves skin conditions

The problems dermatological problems such as psoriasis or dermatitis can be reduced by using face masks or mud bath. You will notice how it enhances the look of your skin and how to relieve possible irritation.

10. Helps to reduce stress

Baths with clay help the body to relax, eliminating anxiety and stress. That is why they are one of the treatments most commonly used in spas and resorts. The duration of the bath should be approximately twenty minutes.

11. Improves the appearance of cellulite

Its anti-inflammatory properties and draining make the clay will help decrease the cellulite in our body.

  • Apply a mixture of red clay or green with warm water on the affected areas.
  • Let act during 20 minutes.
  • If you want this trick to be most effective, exfoliates and cleans your skin before you put the mixture.

12. Helps in the healing of wounds

Thanks to its regenerative properties , helps the wounds heal more quickly, rebuilding the affected tissues.

After reading all the benefits, what are you waiting for start your therapies with clay? Did you even know these properties? Please leave us your comment!

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