#TipsNChips: What you can’t miss the #E32018

The E3 2018 is about to end, and we must say that without a doubt has been one of the best E3 of the last few years, and that is despite the fact that now we didn’t meet any console, the titles, gameplays and trailers that were presented left us with the mouth open.

Some very clear examples of this with Halo Infinite, Gears of War 5, Cyberpunk 2077, The Last of US II or Super Smash Bros: Ultimate, to mention a few examples. But one of the best things about this E3 is the experience of these video games, enjoy them and be able to share our experiences with you, for this reason the #TispNChips of today is not of tips, but recommendations can’t be missed this E3 2018.

Do not miss this new video, share it with us and remember to comment what else you would like to see in this space. All your suggestions are taken into account.

The best of Xbox in the #E32018

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